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Printed Textile: Restless Sleeper / Atomic Shroud
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Printed Textile: Restless Sleeper / Atomic Shroud

Text on pillowcase: "It would be difficult to achieve erasure with a single thermonuclear device, given the present state of technology. It would have to be too large. Such a device would have to be a quarter of a mile long, five hundred feet high, and buried deeply enough not to blow off the top of the atmosphere and dissipate too much energy into space. At detonation it would crater out hundreds of square miles. To effectively deliver a hundred thousand roentgens around the earth it would have to be in the yield range of millions of megatons. Besides the overriding technical difficulties, satellite detection of such an installation would be almost certain. More practical and more certain would be the utilization of several dirty, fairly high megaton yield devices. Six thermonuclear devices in the forty megaton range, heavily blanketed with cobalt, would be adequate. Missile delivery would be unnecessary. Placed aboard merchant ships no suspicions would be aroused. After sumultaneous detonation at say, 65°N, 15°W off Iceland, 50°N, 15°W over the Porcupine Bank, 0°, 75°E over the Carlsberg Ridge, 40°N, 150°W off the Mendocino Escarpment, 30°S, 150°W in the Astral Seamount Chain, and 65°S, 30°E over the East Scotia Basin, the circulating winds would distribute the radioactivity over the surface of the earth and all life on the planet would cease."

Robert Morris, American, born 1931. Produced at the The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphiain Philadelphia.

Made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, North and Central America


Screen-printed linen plain weave

Sheet: 9 feet 6 inches x 7 feet 5 inches (289.6 x 226.1 cm) Pillow Case: 35 1/2 x 19 1/2 inches (90.2 x 49.5 cm)

© Robert Morris / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

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Costume and Textiles

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Currently not on view

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Gift of an anonymous donor, 1983

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