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Defeat of the Demons Madhu and Kaitabha
From a dispersed series of the Durgapatha/ Chandipatha (the Devi Mahatmya section from the Markandeya Purana)
Durga Kills Demons and Vishnu Sleeps on the Cosmic Ocean

Artist/maker unknown, Indian

Made in Madhya Pradesh, Malwa Region, India, Asia

c. 1645

Opaque watercolor on paper

Image: 5 1/2 × 10 3/16 inches (14 × 25.9 cm) Sheet: 6 3/4 × 10 5/8 inches (17.1 × 27 cm)

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South Asian Art

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Currently not on view

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Purchased with the Edgar Viguers Seeler Fund, the Marie Josephine Rozet Fund, and the Gertrude Schemm Binder Fund, 1972

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This painting probably comes from a series of the Durgapatha, a retelling of the famous Devi Mahatmya section of the Markandeya Purana. On the left, the great goddess Durga poses like a dancer against a black sky. She wields a variety of weapons in her four arms as she coolly destroys two horned demons. On the right, the god Vishnu rests atop a serpent on the cosmic ocean (shown as a flat, square pool) as he dreams the world into being. The lotus growing from Vishnu's navel reveals the multiheaded god Brahma, who will do the actual work of creation. Brahma's vehicle, an oversized gander, looks on from the bulbous trees nearby. Although Durga is most associated with the god Shiva, in this painting Vishnu appears as the ultimate being.