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Heide Fasnacht, American, born 1951

Made in United States, North and Central America


Graphite on watercolor paper

Sheet: 40 3/8 × 59 7/8 inches (102.6 × 152.1 cm)

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Prints, Drawings, and Photographs

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Currently not on view

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Purchased with the Hunt Corporation (formerly Hunt Manufacturing Co.) Arts Collection Program, 1997

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A sculptor and draftsman, Fasnacht became fascinated in 1997 with portraying images of explosions of all kinds: starting with sneezes and moving on to more violent eruptions such as geysers, volcanoes, and the like-phenomena that are sudden, resist capture, and are nearly impossible to visualize in any conventional way. This drawing was one of the earliest of several drawings and sculptures of this subject; it ultimately served as the basis of a maquette for a wire-and-polymer clay sculpture in which the sneeze bursts forth in three dimensions from a hole in a plaster wall.