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Two children look at a replica of a painting installed publicly in Philadelphia.
In 2017, the Inside Out initiative brought replicas of collection favorites to neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia.

Community Engagement

The Philadelphia Museum of Art strives to build and maintain partnerships with community organizations, schools, and social service agencies. We offer programs and educational opportunities that connect diverse communities with the museum’s rich collections and resources. Supporting community-based initiatives in youth development and arts education, the museum reaches out to communities around the region with the mission of making art accessible to everyone.
Visitors in the galleries
City Panorama (2017) Concept and design: Bri Barton (drawings), Charlyn Griffith (drawings), Jeanne van Heeswijk (initiating artist), Shari Hersh (process), in•sitecolaborative, including Larissa Begault, Rania Dalloul, Nora Elmarzouky, and Sara Minard (framework design, research, and mapping), Jason Killinger (design), and Janneke Absil (design) Additional research and data: Craig Borowiak, Grounded in Philly, Amy Hilier, Open Data Philly, Pennsylvania Geospatial Data Clearinghouse, Data Hub (Publicly Accessible Data Input), Michaela Pommells of Corajus, and Philadelphia Assembled collaborators Editorial review: Dianne Loftis, Stephanie Mach, and Tom Surgue Additional drawings: Mayada Alhumssi, Eric Battle, Faith Bartley and Kate Deciccio, Compton Eeoh, Ayah Hapi, Laos in the House, Staci Moore, Christian Rodriguez, Jared Wood, Josh Yoder, young artists of Francisville Recreation Center, Trash Academy, Marcel van der Meijs, Fred Riley, and PHLA collaborators Printing and installation: Latasha Billington, Julius Ferraro, Jessi Krimes, Joseph Troiani, Ben Volta, and John Zerbe

Partnering with Philly organizations that are making an impact in our neighborhoods

Philadelphia is home to many civic and cultural organizations engaged in deeply impactful community-building activities. Through the Community Spotlight initiative, the Philadelphia Museum of Art aims to support some of these institutions by offering access to our collections, programming, and digital platforms. Through these collaborations we hope to help advance each organization’s mission and to encourage our visitors and digital audiences to follow and support their work.

In 2022, we will be shining a light on Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture, the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund, Asian Arts Initiative, and Broad Street Ministry. Check our social channels for updates and dedicated posts throughout the year.

Community Programs

The Division of Education partners with cultural, educational, and social service organizations to engage diverse audiences and foster inclusion and civic responsibility. With the generous support of grant funding, the museum is able to offer free admission and transportation to a number of Philadelphia-based community organizations.
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Community Partnerships

Through a long-term commitment to partner organizations, the Division of Education provides collaborative art programs and museum visits for neighborhood groups and families. All projects are created with community leaders so that curriculum and programs are customized to the interests and needs of the community partner. The Division of Education also supports special short-term projects to provide art programs and museum visits themed in conjunction with special exhibitions at the museum. Current community partnerships include Broad Street Ministry, Project HOME, and People’s Emergency Center, where skilled teaching artists offer on-site art classes.

Museum Tours

The museum education staff works year round with community partners to customize free tours and workshops. Each program is planned in collaboration to provide a distinctive experience that reflects the interests and activities of the community organization.

Teen Programs

Our teen programs are designed to inspire, mentor, and prepare students for leadership roles and further study in the visual arts. For more information and applications, contact

For more information, please contact The Division of Education by phone at 215-684-7580 or by e-mail at .