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Which Piece of Furniture Should Be Added to the Collection?
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Choosing a Gift

In honor of their 40th anniversary, Collab chose a gift to add to the collection with help from the online audience. Voters had four chairs from which to choose, and left comments in our discussion forum as to which one they liked the best.

While each of the chairs received numerous votes, Marc Newson’s Wood Chair was the clear popular winner. The simple, abstract, double-curve form of the chair--composed of slatted bent beech strips that extend from the backrest down, around, and back to form the seat and supports--appealed to bloggers for its linear beauty and use of natural materials. A group of middle school students thought they recognized the shape as Cancer--the fourth astrological sign in the Zodiac. This is the first work by the designer to enter the Museum’s collections. The original Wood Chair was commissioned for a 1984 exhibition intended to encourage interaction between crafts practice and industry, and was made by Newson’s own company, Pod, in Canadian rock maple and Australian coachwood. Since 1995, the chair has been serially produced in bent, flexible, beech wood by the Italian manufacturer, Cappellini.

Thanks to everyone for their participation!

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