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Thank you for your participation in our discussion, and for helping us choose which piece if furniture to add to the collection. Your feedback is very appreciated!

The "Showtime" arm chair is wonderfully unique, with it's hood creating an almost explosive interest for viewers' eyes. The style is modern with a slight vintage flare. Definitely my choice for this collection.

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A.Hanna - 5.14.2011 - 11:15 AM
Marc Newson's wood chair shows hoe the application of technique with the correct material can create something spectacular

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Dan Streelman - 5.13.2011 - 9:31 PM
I love the Showtime armchair with hood.

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a design lover - 5.13.2011 - 2:17 PM
I love the ease of Marc Newson's Wood Chair - it's at once fluid and sturdy, elegant and relaxed

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H. Dwiggins - 5.12.2011 - 5:02 PM