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Yarn Bombing

In honor of Craft Spoken Here, the Museum’s first exhibition dedicated to contemporary craft, I commissioned Jessie Hemmons, of Ishknits (aka The Philly Yarn Bomber) to yarn bomb the front entrance of the Perelman building. This was my way of extending the exhibition’s reach to this extremely popular form of street art that is craft based. –Elisabeth Agro

The Perelman Building gets yarn bombed.
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Found in urban, suburban and rural environments, knit bombing is a public form of contemporary craft concerning reclamation and personalization of public places. Knit bombing is a fairly new form of street art which entails knitting and crocheting cozies for trees, signs, lampposts and bike racks and varied forms of adornment on public sculpture. Also called yarn bombing, yarn storming, guerrilla knitting, urban knitting, and graffiti knitting, knit bombing is a vibrant and uplifting form of fiber art which made its first appearance in the United States in Houston, Texas in 2005 at the hand of the crafter Magda Sayeg. Sayeg’s inspiration for yarn bombing came in the form of leftover yarn which she knitted to create a cozy for the doorknob of her boutique. The rest is history.


ishknits Yarnbombs the Perelman Building