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New Public Amenities

In addition to the landscaped parking facility, rooftop sculpture garden, and relocated surface parking, the City of Philadelphia provided the following additional public amenities in the area bounded by Lloyd Hall, Waterworks Drive, the Italian Fountain, and the Schuylkill River:
  • The current "silt peninsula" in the Schuylkill River was improved and made publicly accessible by dredging a channel between it and the river wall. The density of plants was thinned to open views to the river from the adjacent park area and recreation path.
  • Between the existing Waterworks Drive parking and the river wall, the City installed an interactive water feature and children-themed sculpture.
  • A new handrail was installed on top of the existing river wall.
  • The existing paved recreation trail was relocated to accommodate the new 27-space parking lot. The realigned trail passes close to the interactive water and sculptural elements, enabling the public to engage with these amenities. It includes lighting, benches, and trash receptacles.
  • The landscaped area around the Italian Fountain was widened to reduce pavement and provide a more appropriate and accessible setting.

Kelly Drive View

Design and construction of the environmental island, interactive water feature, sculptural elements, handrails, increased Italian Fountain surrounds, and associated landscaping was funded by the City of Philadelphia. The Museum funded the design and construction of the relocated recreation path and associated site amenities (lighting, benches, and trash receptacles) in and around the new 27-space parking lot.

Glass Entrance Pavilion View