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The benefits of the parking facility and sculpture garden, relocated surface parking, and public amenities are numerous and include:
  • An increase in parking in East Fairmount Park, benefiting people who use the park for walking, biking, jogging, rowing, and other recreational activities; benefiting people from the city and beyond who visit the Museum; and benefiting people who live in the nearby neighborhood.
  • "Knitting together" the landscape of the Azalea Garden and the Museum by removing the Fairmount Avenue parking lot and replacing it with the landscaped sides and roof of the new parking facility.
  • An outdoor rooftop sculpture garden with spectacular views of the Azalea Garden and the Schuylkill River.
  • An increase in public park land by making the currently inaccessible silt island accessible for environmental education and quiet relaxation.
  • A decrease in impervious coverage in this section of East Fairmount Park by removing the existing Fairmount Avenue surface parking lot and pavement around the Italian Fountain.
  • Providing a new, interactive water feature and public sculpture geared toward children.
  • Providing lovely views of Boat House Row and the Schuylkill River from the newly accessible island.

Project Schedule

  • Site Preparation, Spring 2007
  • Excavation, Spring 2007–Fall 2007
  • Foundations, Summer 2007–Winter 2008
  • Structure, Fall 2007–Winter 2009
  • Garden Deck, Fall 2008–Spring 2009
  • Landscaping, Spring 2009