"Mistakes are almost always of a sacred nature. Never try to correct them. On the contrary: rationalize them, understand them thoroughly. After that, it will be possible for you to sublimate them."

- Salvador Dalí
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"Since today we all live in a surreal world, the time seems right for a Dalí retrospective, and through May 15, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is giving us a great one."

- Newsweek
  February 21, 2005

"Is it truly possible to look at the later Dalí, at the endless recyclings of his Surrealist mannerisms or his hologram of Alice Cooper, the 70s rock nuisance, and not shrug? The well argued Philadelphia show says it can be done ..."

- Time
  February 21, 2005

"The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s retrospective of the work of Salvador Dalí, the megalomaniacal Surrealist painter and every teenager’s favorite artist, is a visual and psychic marathon."

- The New York Times
  February 18, 2005

"Paintings from Dalí’s youth resemble those of the Spanish masters, and then, after his trademark surrealist period in the 1930s, his works reveal an obsession with science and religion."

- U.S. News and World Report
  February 14, 2005

"Once we’ve discovered the art of Salvador Dalí, we can never shut our eyes and dream of innocence again."

- Interview
  February 2005

"This is the year of Dalímania. One hundred years after his birth, Salvador Dalí, the sexy old showman and surrealist, is being given the mother and father of a centenary celebration."

- Daily Telegraph (London)
  April 17, 2004

"Dalí ... reaches beyond his exhibitionism, cupidity and politics to the essence of his art. To look closely at his oils is to see a master painter. And to study the imagery he uses... is to peer into 'the mysteries of the mind, of desire, of death, of space, and time.'"

- The New York Times
  September 26, 2004

"No other exhibition in or near the city [of Philadelphia] promises to generate comparable excitement."

- The Philadelphia Inquirer
  September 12, 2004

"Philadelphia is rolling out a 'surreal' red carpet to welcome Salvador Dalí, the most comprehensive retrospective since the artist's death in 1989."

- The Boston Globe
  October 17, 2004

"... the most comprehensive Dalí retrospective ever mounted..."

- Art in America
  August 2004