Leaves of Gold: Treasures of Manuscript Illumination fron Philadelphia Collections
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La Cité de Dieu by Saint Augustine, translated and with commentary by Raoul de Praelles. France, Paris, c. 140810, The Orosius Master and His Workshop (Philadelphia Museum of Art. Gift of Mrs. Philip S. Collins in memory of her husband. 1945-65- 1)
The Heavenly and Earthly Cities and God the Father in Heaven with the Fallen Angels, fol. 5

The Founding and the Destruction of Troy, fol. 66v

fol. 5
La Voie de Povreté ou de Richesse (Le Livre du Chastel de Labour) by Jacques Bruyant. France, Paris or possibly Rouen, c. 143040,
The Workshop of the Bedford Master (
The Free Library of Philadelphia, Rare Book Department, Widener 1
The Author Joins Other Laborers in the Castle of Work
, fol. 61v
The Author and Lady Reason Have a Vision of Judgment Day
, fol. 49
Le Pèlerinage de la vie humaine by Guillaume de Deguileville. France, Angers, 1437, Illuminators at the court of Angers (Rosenbach Museum & Library, Philadelphia, MS 241/2)
The Pilgrim Arriving at the Sea of the World, fol. 69v
Grace Dieu Shows Pilgrim the Eye Crying Tears of Penitence into a Barrel, fol. 68v

Fall of Princes by John Lydgate. England, probably London, c. 146575 (Rosenbach Museum & Library, Philadelphia, MS 439/16)
Boccaccio Writing
, fol. 126
Boccaccio Has a Vision of Adam and Eve, fol. 4
Roman de la Rose by Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun, with revisions by Gui de Mori. France, Paris, c. 144080, The Workshop of Maître François (Philadelphia Museum of Art. Gift of Mrs. Philip S. Collins in memory of her husband. 1945-65- 3)
Lady Idleness and the Dreamer-Lover in the Garden of Pleasure, fol. 6
Wheel of Fortune, fol. 38

Les regnars traversant les perilleuses voyes des folles fiances du monde by Jean Bouchet. Low Countries, probably Ghent, c. 150510, an anonymous Ghent-Bruges artist (Rosenbach Museum & Library, Philadelphia, MS 197/30)
The Soul of a Dead Fox Burns in Hell in a Cauldron Stoked by Demons
, fol. 41
The Author Writing, fol. 1
Lilium medicinae by Bernard de Gordon. Southern England, 1348 (Library of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, 10a 249)
Initial A and Border with Winged Beast, fol. 55v
Constitutiones Clementinae by Pope Clement V
Southern France, mid-14th century
(Bryn Mawr College Library, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, MS 7)
Presentation Scene, fol. 1



Nova Statuta, to the eighth year of Edward IV. England, probably London, c. 1470 ( The Free Library of Philadelphia, Rare Book Department, Carson LC14/9.5)
Historiated Initial E with King Edward IV and His Court,
fol. 245


Chronicle of the History of the World from Creation to Woden, with a Genealogy of Edward IV (The Edward IV Roll) .
England, after June 1461 (Edward IV's coronation) and before May 1464 (his marriage), probably c. 1461 (Free Library of Philadelphia, Rare Book Department, Lewis E 201)

Edward IV on horseback; Christ in Majesty; the Fall of Man (partial)



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