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  Augustine, Heavenly and Earthly Cities  
La Cité de Dieu by Saint Augustine, translated and with commentary by Raoul de Praelles
France, Paris, c. 140810
The Orosius Master and His Workshop

The Heavenly and Earthly Cities and God the Father in Heaven with the Fallen Angels. This miniature is a visual summary of the book, La Cité de Dieu, a work of theology describing the City of God and the City of the Pagans. The City of God, in the upper left, is filled with church spires and angels. The City of Pagans, below, is inhabited by flying demons and round-domed structures. A battle between the two cities is depicted on the right. God rules heaven while devils stoke a cauldron in hell, the realm of Satan. This luxurious copy of Augustine's La Cité de Dieu was illuminated by the Orosius Master and may have belonged to the famous fifteenth-century bibliophile, Jean, duke of Berry. (Explore this manuscript in detail in the online demonstration for the CD-ROM)

Philadelphia Museum of Art. Gift of Mrs. Philip S. Collins in memory of her husband. 1945-65- 1, fol. 5

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