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  Fox burnign in hell  
Les regnars traversant les perilleuses voyes des folles fiances du monde by Jean Bouchet
Low Countries, probably Ghent, c. 150510
An anonymous Ghent-Bruges artist

The Soul of a Dead Fox Burns in Hell in a Cauldron Stoked by Demons. About 1503 a French law clerk named Jean Bouchet wrote "Foxes traversing the perilous paths of the foolish ways of the world," a poem against the vices of society. In the poem, foxes serve as the protagonists and as metaphors for mankind. In this miniature, an evil fox who is a symbol of deceit lies dead, levitating in a landscape while his naked soul burns in a cauldron in the foreground. The poem was published with woodcut illustrations. This, the only known illuminated manuscript copy of the text, was inspired by the printed version.

Rosenbach Museum & Library, Philadelphia, MS 197/30, fol. 41

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