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  Image of Pembroke Hours  
Book of Hours for Sarum Use and Gallican Psalter with Canticles (Pembroke Hours)
Flanders, probably Bruges, c. 1465-70
In the style of Willem Vrelant, active 1449 to 1481

Calendar Page for May. The calendar of the Pembroke Hours is highly unusual. Rather than simply listing the saints' and feast days of the year, it describes them in 365 rhyming verses with the saints' names highlighted in red ink. Within the foliate panel at the bottom of the page, roundels depict a labor and the zodiac sign for the month of May—a falconer on horseback and the twins of Gemini dancing in a landscape.

Philadelphia Museum of Art. Gift of Mrs. Philip S. Collins in memory of her husband. 1945-65-2, fol. 23

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