Barnett Newman
Shipment arrival

1. A truck arrives in the early morning to deliver a painting at the East Entrance.


Organizing any large-scale exhibition can be demanding, and in the case of Barnett Newman, we faced many challenges. For instance, the sheer size of Newman's paintings created the need for complex logistical planning. These paintings are as fragile as they are precious, and had to be handled with superb care and expertise at every step.

Removal from truck

2. With the help of a crane, art handlers guide a crate out the truck.

While most of the works in the show could be delivered to our loading dock, extremely large paintings had to enter the building differently - through the East Entrance door. Due to the size and weight of a work's crate, a crane was used to guide the crate from the truck it arrived in to the entrance door at the top of the famous Art Museum steps. Art handlers were always stationed on either side of the crate to ensure a smooth journey to its destination at the top of the steps. Upon its arrival, the crate was finally ready to enter the building. By removing the transom above the East entrance (see picture 4), the installation team could slide the crate through the door into the East Foyer where it would be unpacked.

Crane-assisted transport Through East Doors

3. Still attached to the crane, the crate is carefully steadied up the Art Museum steps.

4. A portion of the transom is removed so that the crate can easily slide through the East Entrance.

Inside East Entrance 5. Lowering the crate

Into the exhibition space 7.

5, 6, & 7:

In the East Foyer, art handlers carefully unpack a Newman painting. The work will then be transported to the Dorrance Galleries - the site of the exhibition.

Philadelphia Museum of Art