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Fiske Kimball Society

The Fiske Kimball Society was formed to honor the memory of the Museum’s distinguished and energetic director Fiske Kimball and his spirit of providing for the Museum. During his thirty-year tenure as director (1925-55), he oversaw the completion of the vast and iconic “Temple on Fairmount” and the installation of its world-renowned collection. Mr. Kimball cared so deeply for the institution that he bequeathed his own estate, in its entirety to the Museum. His bequest is part of the Museum’s endowment and continues to generate important support for the acquisition of new works of art.

The Museum gratefully acknowledges the members of the Fiske Kimball Society for their commitment to the future of the Museum.

Members of the Fiske Kimball Society

List as of July 1, 2019


Anonymous (59)

Alexandra Q. Aldridge

Alexandra Aldridge

Dennis Alter

Catherine Apothaker

Mr. Henry H. Arnhold

Robin Austin and Gary Wescott

Sherry Babbitt

Mrs. W. L. Babcock

Ann C. Bacon

Eileen Baird

Paul and Cynthia Balistocky

Susan Barron

Peter A. Benoliel

Perry Benson, Jr.

Lawrence H. and Julie C. Berger

Jane Berryman

Jack R Bershad

William C. Bertolet

Sally Cooper Bleznak

Mrs. Lois Boardman

Dr. Claire Boasi

Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz

Mrs. Kay Bossone

Dr. Luther W. Brady, Jr.*

Robert W. Brano

David E. Brinson

Lois and Julian Brodsky

Joseph D. Broski

Gail M. Brown

Laura Thomas Buck

Mr. and Mrs. G. Theodore Burkett

Corinne L. Cacas and William N. Hanafee, Jr.

Sandra L. Cadwalader

Joan Campbell

Scott and Nelly Childress

Dr. Constance E. Clayton

Mr. and Mrs. Birchard T. Clothier

Betsy Z. Cohen

Jane M. Cohen

Peggy Cooke

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Covello

James D. Crawford and Judith N. Dean

Ann T. Csink and John E. Linck

Julie Schafler Dale

Dr. Jack A. Damiano

Patricia M. Danzon

Mr. Thomas D’Ulisse

Arleen M. Dascola

Joyce L. Dascola

Lord Jullian A. de Pierre

Maude de Schauensee

Dr. Dorothy J. del Bueno

Dr. J. Robert DiFulgo

Mrs. Willem K. Dikland

Mrs. Fitz Eugene Dixon, Jr.

Florinda Donato Doelp

Diana B. Dorken

Fytie Drayton

Lady Deana Pitcairn Duncan

Van and Lynda Eckes

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Elmer

Mrs. Margaret A. Everitt

James R. Fairburn

Mrs. Louisa Falcione

Edward Fernberger, Jr.

James W. Feussner, M.D., J.D.

Jaimie and David Field

Mr. Marshall L. and Ms. Geraldine A. Fisher

Marjorie S. Fiterman

Camille S. Focarino

Robert T. Foley

Doctors Barbara* and Leonard Frank

Annette Y. Friedland

Beatrice Furr

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H. Gadsden

Ofelia Garcia

Joan Garde

Deena Sara Gerson

Rosalie K. Gerson

Ms. Lisa Getzfrid

Dr. Susan D. Gisser

Gene Gladstone

Mrs. Joanne Goldfarb

Alfred E. and Adele Goldman

Allen S. Goldman, M.D.*, and Rachel Bok Goldman

Harold Goldman and John Bonavita

Joan L. and William Goldstein

Virginia B Gordon

Betty Gottlieb in memory of Dr. Harry Gottlieb

Kimberley H. Gray

Richard D. Greenfield, Esq.

Joanne T. Greenspun*

Elizabeth Kapnek Grenald and Raymond Grenald

Agnes Gund

Susan Hagen

Dr. Benjamin F. Hammond

Joseph F. Haro

Cheryl Harper

William H. Helfand

Hannah L. Henderson

Antonio Homem

Lynne Honickman

Edward H. Hoy

Kris and Dick Hughey

Linda R. Jacobs

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Jacobs

Geraldine and Edward Jawer

Joan M. and Victor L. Johnson

William J. D. Jordan

Mary Anne Dutt Justice

William M. and Elizabeth Kahane

Ken Kaleta

Mrs. and Mr. Thomas Kane

Paul K. Kania

Mrs. Janet Kardon

Cynthia and Jordan Katz

James H. Kelleher and Derrik R.G. Morris

Mary Kilroy-Pogach

Caroline and Sidney Kimmel

Emily Klebanoff

Norma and Leonard Klorfine

Ms. Deborah Komins

Gabrielle Kopelman

Mr. and Mrs. Berton E. Korman

Jane and Leonard Korman

Deborah S. Krauss

Mrs. I. Raymond Kremer

Donna Krevolin

Mary Louise Krumrine

Ruth and Peter Laibson

John Barry Lane

Carolyn Payne Langfitt

Frederick LaValley and John Whitenight

Mrs. B. Herbert Lee

Mrs. Ruth Sarah Lee

H. F. (Gerry) Lenfest*

Thomas A. Leonard, Esq.

Maxine S. Lewis

Richard Lewis

Carol and Howard Lidz

Richard Haughton Livesey III

Louise Robins Lord

Susan P. and Peter MacGill

Fletcher MacNeill

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Magid

Margaret R. Mainwaring

Miranda Markart

Betty J. Marmon

Thomas and Naomi Martin

Mary MacGregor Mather and Charles E. Mather III

Frederick R. McBrien III

Robert McLaughlin

John C. McMeekin

Mrs. Robert L. McNeil, Jr.

Donald W. McPhail

John J. Medveckis

David Herron Meese

Jane Mellon

Margy Meyerson

Harvey S. Shipley Miller

Lynn H. Miller and James McClelland

R. Craig Miller

Shirley Miller

Susan S. Miller

Edward H. Mills, Jr.

Mrs. J. Maxwell Moran

Martha Hamilton Morris

Marlene and Samir Mukherjee

Kathleen Mulhern*

Rachel Munafo

Ford R. Myers

Mr. Hyman Myers and Ms. Sandra Kittner Myers

Stephanie and Michael Naidoff

Dr. and Mrs. Hartley S. Neel

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Neel

Theodore T. Newbold*

Charles W. Nichols, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Nyheim

Enid Curtis Bok Okun*

Ann Ollman

John Ollman

James Pagliaro

Peter Paone and Alma Alabilikian

Zoë S. Pappas

Gloria Pasline

Rose Paul

Wendy Peck and Charles Forer

Jonathan L. Peterson

Charlotte D. Phelps, Ph.D.

Barbara L. Phillips

Annemieke Konsten Pistone and Joseph J. Pistone

Ms. Vivian Pitts

J. R. Plummer

Anthony T. Podesta

Bruce and Donna Polichar

Nancy D. Pontone

Mr. and Mrs. Neil C. Randall

Francis H. Rasmus, Jr.

Naomi Jury Reik

Marlene Francois Renee

Nancy and Donald Resnick

Danielle Rice

Edward A. Richards

Heidrun E. Roberts and Allen B. Roberts

John M. Roberts, M.D.

Mrs. Edwin P. Rome

Sue Perel Rosefsky

Eileen Rosenau

Ms.Grace Rosenthal

Lyn M. Ross

Mrs. Louise F. Rossmassler

Andrew M. Rouse

Lila A. and Vincent N. Russo

Katherine Sachs

Alice Saligman

Miss Frederica Sattinger

Kendell W. and Jeffrey A. Saunders

Doug Schaller

Mrs. Susan B. Scharf

Dr. Elias Schwartz and Esta R. Schwartz

Susan and William Schwartz

Arianne Shamask

Michael A. Shannon

Mari and Peter Shaw

Barbra Shotel

Mrs. Edward Sickles

Larry A. Simms

Ellen Slavin

Steven and Donna Slovak

Martha McGeary Snider

Eleanor A. Sowa

Evelyn G. Spritz

Marilyn and Dean R. Staats

Carl L. Steele

Sara Steele

Mimi and Herb Stein

Alyce and T. Howard F. Stick

Ann Percy Stroud

Marie Stuart

Cecilia Segawa Seigle Tannenbaum

Allen K. Townsend

Sonia C. Triester

Phyllis Tuchman

Dr. Salvatore M. Valenti

Nadeen Van Tuyle and Gilbert Feinberg

Anne H. and Frederick Vogel III

Emily Mitchell Wallace and Gregory* M. Harvey

Eliza Walmsley

Mildred L. Weisberg

Harriet and Larry Weiss

Mrs. Raymond H. Welsh

Mr. Warwick S. Wheeler

Johnnie and Chuck Wiedmann

Beverly M. Wilde

Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Williams

Dr. Sankey V. Williams and Constance H. Williams

Beverly Wilson

Jerry Wind

Ann Winkowski

Dr. William Wolgin

Lida Amanda Wright

Dr. Timothy Wright

Maria Yasinsky-Murowany*

Electra Demopoulos Yorsz

Gerald Zeitz

Alfred Zernik

George Zolot and R. H. Levin

Benjamin E. Zuckerman, Esq., and Marian Robinson

* - deceased


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