358 Address for Noam Cohen.n.d.
359 Address for Rory T. Doepel.n.d.
3510 Invitation list for pre-Columbian exhibition.n.d.
3511 Employee time sheets and forms.1938-1939
3512 Notes: misc.1936-1967, n.d.
3513 Notes re: biographical info on LSA.n.d.
3514 Notes re: correspondence after the Arensberg's death.n.d.
3515 Notes re: Distributuon of money by LSA.Nov. 20, 1954
3516 Notes re: works by Beatrice Wood.n.d.
3517 Packing slip: book from Oxford University press.1993
3518 Packing slip: book from Southern Illinois University Press.1993
3519 Packing slip: photo from Zeitlin and Ver Brugge Booksellers.1987
3520 Photocopies of photographs of "the others."n.d.
3521 Photocopy of pp. 163-164 of "A Manual of Copyright Practice" by Margaret Nicholson.1945
3522 Postcard of works by Andre Raffray for a Marcel Duchamp exhibition.n.d.
3523 U.S. Congress Foundation questionnaire.1952
376 Photograph of the Hollywood Musicians' Club1947
377 Photostat copy of page from unidentified journal or broadside.n.d.