3313Hoffmann, Charles. Marcel Duchamp playing chess (during Nancy McCann interview). 10th st. New York, New York. 1 item. May 9, 1963
3314Maspons, Oriol; Ubino, Julio. Marcel Duchamp at table with chess board and Coca-Cola glass. (Cadaques, Spain?). 1 item. n.d.
3315Pries, Ethel. Marcel Duchamp with pocket chess set. New York, New York. 2 items. 1946
3316Rosenberg, Arnold. Marcel Duchamp seen from below glass chess board. 1 item. 1955
3317Roskam, [?]. Marcel Duchamp playing chess. 1 item. Jan. 1931
Steiner, Henry. Marcel Duchamp playing chess.


Alexina and Marcel Duchamp Papers / X. Photographs / C. Portraits and snapshots / 2. Marcel Duchamp with works of art / f. Steiner, Henry. Marcel Duchamp sitting in front of "Nine Malic Molds." Contact sheets and one print of Duchamp playing chess.

3318Waintrob, Sidney. Marcel Duchamp at his desk with chess board and Rotoreliefs in background. 1 item. Mar. 28, 1956
3319Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp looking at his 1925 poster "Eches Championnat de France." Fragment, halftone reproduction. 1 item. Fall, 1925
3320Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp with Man Ray's magnetized chess board. Cadaques, Spain. 1 item. ca. late 1940s
3321Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp playing chess. 1 item. 1950
3322Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp playing chess. Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo. 1 item. 1967