Article/lecture. Agulhon.1982
Article/lecture. Boime.1982
Audio-visual presentation.1977-1979
Budget. (folder 1 of 2).1975-1980
Budget. (folder 2 of 2).1979-1982
Condition reports and claims.1979-1980
Contracts. Philadelphia Museum of Art, Detroit Institute of Arts, and Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais.1977-1979
Correspondence, general.1975-1979
Friends events.1977-1978
Indemnification. Correspondence.1978-1979
Indemnification. Original application.1976-1977
Indemnification. Reapplication.1977
Indemnification. Third application.1977-1979
Installation. Cases.n.d.
Installation. Lulu Lipincott.1978
Installation. Cleo Nichols.1976
Installation. Pedestals.1978
Memoranda, general.1977-1979
National Endowment for the Arts grant.1976-1979
Object lists.1977-1978
Organization, general.1974-1978
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Possible special loan.1978
Personnel information. Suzanne Lindsay.1972-1977
Photography, general.1980
Print show. "A Graphic Side of the Second Empire."1977-1979
Public relations. (folder 1 of 2).1978-1979
Public relations. (folder 2 of 2).1975-1979
Research, general.1973-1976
Research. Kathy Hiesinger notes.1974-1975
Research. Joseph Rishel notes.1973-1978
Research trip. Joseph Rishel and Richard Dorment.1974-1976
Shipping and insurance.1975-1979
Summary of exhibition.1975
Trip to Paris. Joseph Rishel, Sep.-Oct. 1977.9177-1978
Trip to Paris. Joseph Rishel, winter 1977.1976-1977
Trip to Paris. Joseph Rishel, 1978 and 1979.1978-1979
Visitor's Guide.1979
Visitor's survey.1978
Women's committee.1977-1978