The Fiske Kimball Records now consist of nine series. The original processing consisted of five series. In this revised arrangement, the "General correspondence and related material" series comprises almost half the record collection. The "Officers and other overseers" series consists of the files pertaining to the Fairmount Park Commissioners and the Museum's corporate officers and committee chairs. These files make up approximately one-quarter of the collection. Both the "Administrative issues" and "Curatorial issues" series are subdivided by personnel and subject folders. The education department, library and registrar are documented in the "Service departments" series, and the Museum's fundraising efforts, public outreach and public relations programs are processed as the "Development and public relations" series. The second largest series, "Objects and related topics," includes the widest variety of materials and most of the record collection's photographs. The "WPA and other relief programs" series primarily documents projects carried out at the Museum during the 1930s. The smallest series, "PMA-related facilities," consists of a scattering of material relating to the Fairmount Park Houses and other sites operated by the Museum.

Throughout this finding aid and within folder titles, the abbreviation PMA refers to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and any of its earlier institutional names. The Museum Bulletin refers to the publication put out by the Museum under several titles reflecting its earlier institutional names.

The original "Subject File" series was comprised primarily of general correspondence, filed for the most part alphabetically by correspondent. Approximately one-quarter of those files have been transferred to four new series in an attempt to present the material in a more contextual arrangement that defines the various aspects of the operation, administration and personnel of the Museum, specifically documenting the officers and other overseers, administrative and curatorial staff and topics, and related facilities. The "Development and public relations" series was created to better categorize the fund raising subseries transferred from the original "Service Divisions" series, along with approximately 30 "Subject File" folders, which now comprise a new subseries entitled "Public programs and services." The revised "Service departments" series now includes a small subseries to document the registrar. Those files also were transferred from the "Subject File" series. Additional "Subject File" folders were transferred to the original "Education" and "Library" subseries, as well as the "WPA" and "Objects" series.

All dated material is arranged within folders in descending chronological order, with latest dated material placed on top. This order conforms to the chronology method attempted during the earlier processing.