Historical Note

Henri Gabriel Marceau, an internationally known scholar, art historian and architect, was the Director of the Museum from 1955 to 1964. In 1926, Henri Marceau was appointed assistant curator of the Johnson Collection. Two years later he was promoted to curator. He also maintained a position as an assistant professor at University of Pennsylvania's School of Fine Arts from 1925 until 1929, when he took on the additional role of Curator of Fine Arts at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In 1933 his position at the Museum was revised to Curator of Paintings, and then to Chief, Department of Paintings and Sculpture in 1937. At this time Marceau also became Associate Director, handling much of the Director's work when Fiske Kimball was away on acquisition missions or on vacations in Europe during the summers. Marceau worked closely with Kimball at other times, and took on full directorship after Kimball's retirement. Marceau maintained his role as Curator of the Johnson Collection throughout these various appointments, and beyond them, until his death.