Series X. Photographs

ca. 1886-1968, n.d.

Scope and Content Note

This series, comprised of approximately 800 of Marcel Duchamp's personal photographs, provides a detailed photographic record of his artistic career, as well as his devotion to the game of chess. The "Works of Art" subseries contains photographs of Duchamp's works, as well as of work by several other artists with whom he was acquainted, including Man Ray, Francis Picabia, and his brother, Jacques Villon. The "Snapshots and portraits" subseries contains images of Marcel Duchamp alone, with his works of art, and with other individuals. It also includes a handful of photographs of Duchamp's friends and acquaintances where the images do not include Duchamp, and a few photographs of places, such as Duchamp's family home in Blainville and his studio at 33 W. 67th Street. The "Exhibitions and events" subseries documents Duchamp's attendance at various exhibitions dedicated to or including his work, and also includes photographs of his window installations at Bamberger's department store in Newark, New Jersey, Gotham Book Mart in New York, and Librarie La Hune in Paris. The "Chess" subseries is comprised largely of photographs of Duchamp playing or watching a chess match, and also includes group photographs of Duchamp's chess clubs and tournament groups. The "Negatives and transparencies" subseries contains transparencies, slides, and glass plate and film negatives primarily of works of art by Marcel Duchamp.

All photographs for which the Museum owns copyright or has been given copyright permisison have been digitized.