Francis Bacon Foundation Records : VII. Ephemera

Series VII. Ephemera

1951-1994, n.d.

Scope and Content Note

Brochures, pamphlets, exhibition announcements, invitations, and other items from museums, galleries, universities, publishing houses, and other organizations.


Alphabetical by creator.

331Academie de Museologie Evocatoire. Subscription request.n.d.?
332American Academy of Chinese Culture, Inc.. Wong Lui Sand exhibition. Invitation.Mar. 19, 20, 1962
333American Foundations Information Service. "American Foundations news service".June 1, 1951
334American Research Center in Egypt. Brochure.n.d.
335Anca Colbert Fine Arts, Ltd.. "'Shock,' she said: Beatrice Wood." Exhibition announcement.June 13-July 31, 1988
336Archives of American Art. "Art for the record" Symposium program.Mar. 26, 1988
343Archives of American Art. Membership brochure.n.d.
337Archives of American Art. "Visual arts and the myth of Southern California." Symposium brochure.Oct. 18-19, 1986
374California State University, Fullerton. Art Gallery. "Beatrice Wood retrospective." Exhibition poster.Feb. 5-Mar. 3, 1983
338Campbell and Hall (Boston, Mass.). Book order form.n.d.
339Charlotte Crosby Kemper Gallery. "365/360 [Patrick Clancy]." Exhibition.Mar. 28-Apr. 23, 1986
3310Charlotte Crosby Kemper Gallery. "John Cage Installation." Exhibition announcement.Mar. 18-Apr. 17, 1988
3311Claremont Colleges Library. "Interconnections" Exhibition and symposium series announcement.Nov. 3-Nov. 19, 1993
3312Claremont Colleges. "Interconnections." Symposium luncheon invitation in honor of Beatrice Wood.Nov. 6, 1993
3313Confederation des Associations & Comites. "Macadam magazine" order form.n.d.
3314Craft and Folk Art Museum. "Intimate appeal: The figurative art of Beatrice Wood." Exhibition announcement.June 19, 1990
3315Duchamp, Marcel, 1887-1968. "The" photostat.n.d.
3316Francis Bacon Foundation. Brochure.n.d.
3317Garth Clark Gallery. "I shock myself." Publication party invitation.Dec. 5, 1985
342Gotham Book Mart. Marcel Duchamp/addenda. Exhibition announcement.Jan. 14-Mar.2, 1974
3318Houston Center for Photography. "365/360 [Patrick Clancy]." Exhibition announcement.Dec. 12, 1987
3319KCET (Television station : Los Angeles, Calif.). "The paintbox Pioneers." Television program announcement.Apr. 11, 1987
3320Michael Himovitz Gallery. Brochure.n.d.
3321Musee National d'Art Moderne (France). "Francis Picabia." Invitation to exhibition preview.Jan. 22, 1976
3322Musee National d'Art Moderne (France). Free admission pass.Feb. 2-7, 1977
3323Museum Ludwig. "Ubrigens Sterben Immer Zdie Andren." Exhibition announcement.Jan. 14-Mar.6, 1988
3324Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.). "Marcel Duchamp." Invitation to contributing members preview.Jan. 2, 1974
3325Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.). Members calendar.Nov. 1972
3326Palazzo Grassi. "Marcel Duchamp." Invitation to discussion of exhibition.Feb. 16, 1993
3327Philadelphia Museum of Art. "A propos of Marcel Duchamp." Exhibition and event announcements.1987
3328Philadelphia Museum of Art. "Marcel Duchamp." Invitation to members preview.Sept. 21, 1973
3329Severin Wunderman Museum. [Beatrice Wood exhibition]. Exhibition announcement.June 20-Aug. 20, 1993
3330Social and Public Arts Resource Center. "Beatrice Wood." exhibition announcement.May 30, 1987
341University of California, Los Angeles. Weekly calendar.May 12, 1957
3331Visual Studies Workshop. "365/360 [Patrick Clancy]." Exhibition announcement.Sept. 11-Nov. 13, 1992
3332Visual Studies Workshop. "365/360 [Patrick Clancy]." Performance brochure.Sept. 11, 1992
3333Wood, Beatrice. "The angel who wore black tights." Invitation to publication party.Mar. 6, 1982
3334Wood, Beatrice. "Beatrice Wood: Mama of Dada." Invitation to film premiere.Mar. 3, 1993
3335Wood, Beatrice. "Beatrice Wood: Mama of Dada." Video order form.Oct. 1, 1993
3336Wood, Beatrice. "Chocolate and young men." Film ticket order form.Oct. 14-24, 1993
3337Wood, Beatrice. "I shock myself." Publication announcement.n.d.
3338Wood, Beatrice. Invitation to 101st birthday party.Mar. 3, 1994
3339Wood, Beatrice. "Torch in the sky." Play poster for production by Helicon Theatre Company.May 28-31, 1993
3342Yale University. Art Gallery. "Charles Sheeler american interiors." Invitation to exhibition preview.Apr. 1, 1987