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1936-1997, n.d.
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Collection Summary

Title:Francis Bacon Foundation Records

Date:1936-1997, n.d.

Creator(s):Francis Bacon Foundation

Extent:18 cubic feet


Repository:Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Abstract:The Francis Bacon Foundation was formed by Walter and Louise Arensberg in 1938 to promote study in science, literature, religion, history and philosophy with special reference to the works of Francis Bacon. The Foundation also served as the legal owner of the Walter and Louise Arensberg art collection. The Francis Bacon Foundation Records consist of correspondence, administrative and financial records which illustrate the organizational aspects of the Foundation, the Baconian research conducted by its staff, and the art historical research conducted by outside researchers using the Francis Bacon Foundation Library and Arensberg Archives. Because of the Foundation's close association with Walter and Louise Arensberg, the Records also shed some light on their personal lives.

Information for Researchers

Access Restrictions

The collection is open for research. All files in the "Forms" Subseries of the "Library records" Series are restricted until Jan. 1, 2027. The "Fragile restricted papers" may only be consulted with permission of the Archivist. Preservation photocopies for reference use have been substituted in the main files.

Use Restrictions

The Francis Bacon Foundation Records are the physical property of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Archives. The Museum holds literary rights only for material created by Museum personnel or given to the Museum with such rights specifically assigned. For all other material, literary rights, including copyright, belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns. Researchers are responsible for obtaining permission from rights holders for publication and for other purposes as stated.

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Administrative Information

Acquisition and Custody Information

Gift of the Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery (2001), which had received the material as part of a larger gift from the Francis Bacon Foundation in 1995.


2001. The following items were given by Naomi Sawelson-Gorse from Elizabeth Wrigley's estate: a promissory note to Elizabeth Wrigley from Louise Arensberg dated Dec. 31, 1950; five letters between Elizabeth Wrigley and the Philadelphia Museum of Art dated April-May 1967; and one letter from Elizabeth Wrigley to James Madsen Gallery dated Feb. 7, 1967.

2003: The following letters were given by Conrad C. M. Arensberg on Feb. 18, 2003: Two TLS from Naomi Sawelson-Gorse to Charles C. Arensberg dated Nov. 15, 1989.

Processed By
Katy Rawdon, Adrianna Del Collo and Katherine Stefko.

Historical Note

The Francis Bacon Foundation was formed by Walter Arensberg in 1938 to promote study in science, literature, religion, history and philosophy with special reference to the works of Francis Bacon. The Foundation held offices in the Arensbergs' Hollywood home, and was primarily concerned with proving Arensberg's theory that Francis Bacon was the true author of the works of William Shakespeare. In addition to researching this theory, the Foundation also sponsored lecture series sometimes in conjunction with the University of Southern California and the Claremont Colleges on topics related to Bacon and Renaissance literature. The Foundation also served as the legal owner of the Walter and Louise Arensberg collection comprised primarily of 20th century and pre-Columbian art, and the staff often handled the Arensberg's personal affairs. Many of the Arensbergs' close friends and associates were involved in the Foundation; from 1950-1952, Marcel Duchamp served as a member of the Board of Trustees.

The Foundation maintained a significant library collection of reference and rare books. Walter Arensberg had begun collecting early editions of works by Dante Alighieri while still an undergraduate at Harvard, and expanded his collection to include other Renaissance authors, particularly Francis Bacon. These books formed the basis of the Foundation's library, which also included a number of manuscript materials and many volumes on the Bacon-Shakespeare controversy, as well as the Arensbergs' art books and a number of the their personal papers.

After the death of Louise and Walter Arensberg in late 1953 and early 1954, the Foundation's Board of Trustees arranged for the sale of the Hollywood house, most of the furnishings, Oriental rugs, and jewelry that the Arensbergs had collected. The Francis Bacon Library, which continued to be run by the Foundation, moved to offices in downtown Pasadena in 1954, where it functioned primarily as a research library. In 1961 it moved to a building in Claremont, California, on land donated by the Claremont University Center with which it was then affiliated. In 1995, due to escalating financial problems as well as the illness of Elizabeth Wrigley, who had served for a number of years as library director, the Foundation sold its collection of rare books and manuscripts to the Huntington Library. The same year, the Arensbergs' personal papers and the institutional records of the Foundation were divided between the Huntington and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Scope and Content Note

The Francis Bacon Foundation Records consist of correspondence, administrative and financial records which illustrate the organizational aspects of the Foundation, the Baconian research conducted by its staff, and the Baconian and art historical research conducted by outside researchers using the Francis Bacon Foundation Library and Arensberg Archives. Because of the Foundation's close association with Walter and Louise Arensberg, the Records also shed some light on their personal lives and their art collection.

Series I. Correspondence


Scope and Content Note

Correspondence with the Foundation staff, primarily Elizabeth Wrigley, although there is some correspondence of Walter Arensberg and other staff members.


Alphabetical by correspondent.

11A. G. Beaman Agency, Ltd.. 1940-1942
12A. G. Beaman Agency, Ltd.. 1943-1944
13Adsit, Edward H. 1949
14American Association of Museums. 1939
15American Council of Learned Societies. 1945
16American Institute of Architects. 1939-1946
17Arensberg, Charles F. C.. 1939
18Arensberg, Francis. 1954
19Boardman, Dixon. 1948-1952
110Brush, Albert.

111California. Franchise Tax Board. 1950, n.d.
112California. Legislature. Assembly. 1939
113California. State Board of Equalization. 1951
114Camp, Margaret James (Mrs. Walter).

115Carnegie Corporation of New York. 1938
116Cass & Johansing Insurance Brokers. 1944-1947, n.d.
D'harnoncourt, Anne, 1943-

Duchamp, Alexina.

117Duchamp, Marcel, 1887-1968.

118Dunlap, Holmes, Ross & Woodson.

1953-1954, n.d.
119First Trust and Savings Bank of Pasadena. 1954
120G. C. Higbie Real Estate Investments. 1953-May 1954
121G. C. Higbie Real Estate Investments. June-Nov. 1954
122Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery.

123James A. Madsen Gallery. 1967
Kimball, Fiske, 1888-1955.

124Koryo Gallery. 1982
125MacFarlane, C. M.. n.d.
126Mackay, Mc Gregor, Renolds & Bennion.

Marceau, Henri, 1896-1969

127McHiffey, [?]. n.d.
128Miller, Hugh. 1949
129Modern Humanities Research Association. 1945, 1947
130National Research Council (U.S.). 1945-1947
131National Science Foundation (U.S.). 1953
132P. A. Palmer, Inc.. 1949-1950
133Pach, Walter, 1883-1958. 1954
134Pacific National Fire Insurance Co.. 1942
135Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Jan.-June 1954
136Philadelphia Museum of Art. July 1954-1959
137Philadelphia Museum of Art. 1960-1970
31Philadelphia Museum of Art. 1971-1973
138Philadelphia Museum of Art. 1974-1980
139Philadelphia Museum of Art. 1981-1994
140Pomerat, C. M. [Charles Marc?]. 1964
32Robinson, John Moore.

1938-1948, n.d.
21Robinson, Lucille. 1954, n.d.
22Schell, Sherril. 1955
23Sessions, Mayme. 1954
24Shapazian, Robert. 1993
25Six, C. W..

26Stendahl Art Galleries. 1972, n.d.
27Stevens, John E.. [1960?]
28Stone, Irving, 1903-. 1955
29Sutro & Co.. 1954
210Sutton, Ruth Haviland, 1898-1960. 1954
211United States. Internal Revenue Service. 1938-1944
212United States. National Youth Administration. 1938-1939, n.d.
213University of Chicago. 1949
214Viking Fund. 1950
215Wood, Beatrice. 1953-1954, 1981-1994

Series II. Administrative records


Scope and Content Note

This series is comprised of the administrative records of the Francis Bacon Foundation, including minutes of the Trustees and Active Members, perpetuation records for the continuance of the Foundation after Watler Arensberg's death, and general records, such as annual reports, bylaws, memoranda, and resolutions.

Subseries A. General records


Scope and Content Note

Comprised of annual reports, by laws, memos, and resolutions, and includes information on the foundation of the Francis Bacon Foundation and the management of the art collection.


Alphabetical by type of material.

41 Annual Reports1938, 1939
51 Articles of IncorporationApr. 9, 1937
42 BylawsSept. 12, 1938
43 Executive Orders1938-1950
44 Internal Memos1941, 1991
45 Resolution to organize the Francis Bacon Foundation.Aug. 4, 1938
46 Resolution on offering a prize for research.June 11, 1940
47 Resolution on disposition of the collection.Feb. 28, 1941

Subseries B. Minutes

1937-1955, n.d.

Scope and Content Note

Minutes of the Trustees and Active Members, and combined meetings of both groups. The minutes concern the financial and organizational governance of the Foundation, the perpetuation of the Foundation and its research, the transfer of the art and book collections to the Foundation, and the search for a suitable permanent home for the collection.


Alphabetical by meeting group, then chronological.

48 First meeting of Incorporators.Apr. 20, 1937
49 Trustees.1937-1938
410 Trustees.1939
411 Trustees.1940
412 Trustees.1944
52 Trustees.1945
53 Trustees.1946
413 Trustees.1947
414 Trustees.1948
415 Trustees.1949
416 Trustees.1950
417 Trustees.1951
418 Trustees.1952
419 Trustees.1953
420 Active members and Board of Trustees.1939
421 Active members and Board of Trustees.1948
422 Active members and Board of Trustees.1950
423 Active members and Board of Trustees.1951
424 Active members and Board of Trustees.1952
425 Active members and Board of Trustees.1953
426 Active Members and Board of Trustees1954
427 Active members.1940
428 Active members.1944
429 Active members.1945
430 Active members.1946
431 Active members.1947
432 Active members.1948
433 Active members.1949
434 Active members.1950
435 Active members.1951
436 Active members.1952
437 Active members.1953
438 Minutes and notices templates.1938, n.d.
439 List of legal documents mentioned in FBF minutes.1955
61 Minute index.n.d.

Subseries C. Perpetuation records

1938-1954, n.d.

Scope and Content Note

Documents primarily written or dictated by Walter Arensberg, describing in detail the Baconian research performed by the Foundation, the physical location and government of the Foundation, the disposition of the art and book collections, as well as plans for the continuation of the Foundation after his death. Copies of legal agreements and resolutions are also included.


Alphabetical by type of material.

440 History of and Plan for Researchn.d.
441 Notes and Plans1938-1945
442 Notes and Plans1947-1951
443 Notes and Plans1952
444 Notes and Plans1953-1954, n.d.

Series III. Legal documents


Scope and Content Note

Legal agreements regarding the indebtedness of the Foundation to Louise Arensberg and the worth of the collections owned by the Foundation.


Arranged chronologically.

71 Affidavit in support of nominal valuation of personal property of FBF.June 30, 1943
72 Agreement regarding payment of promissory notes between Walter and Louise Arensberg and FBF.June 7, 1949
73 Forgivement of promissory note for FBF.June 24, 1949
74 Mortgage of chattels from the FBF to Walter and Louise Arensberg.Feb. 24, 1939
75 Promissory note between Louise Arensberg (FBF) and Elizabeth Wrigley.Dec. 31, 1950
76 Release of portion of mortgaged property between Louise Arensberg and FBF.Oct. 29, 1943

Series IV. Financial records


Scope and Content Note

This series includes tax and insurance information on the Arensbergs' art collection and other Foundation assets, receipts and invoices, bank records, and bookkeeping records, such as account books, balance sheets, and operating statements. Also includes information on the disposition of the Arensbergs' estate after their deaths.

Subseries A. Bookkeeping


Scope and Content Note

Account books, balance sheets, operating statements, payroll records, and receipt books.


Alphabetical by type of record, then chronological.

81 Account book.1937-1941
82 Account book.1937-1948
83 Account book.1942-1948
101 Account book.1937-1956
84 Balance sheets and operating expenses.1937-1942
85 Balance sheets and operating expenses.1943-1947
371 Balance sheets and operating expenses.1948-1954
86 Balance sheets and operating expenses.1976
87 Payroll records.1938-1948
91 Receipt book.1943-1944
92 Receipt book.1944-1947
93 Receipt book.1947-1949
94 Receipt book.1949-1956

Subseries B. Bank records


Scope and Content Note

Bank books, check books, bank statements, and cancelled checks.


Alphabetical by type of record, then chronological.

111 Bankbooks.1937-1942
112 Checkbook.1937-1938
113 Checkbook.1938-1940
114 Checkbook.1940-1941
115 Checkbook.1942
116 Checkbook.1943-1945
117 Checkbook.1945-1947
121 Checkbook.1947-1949
122 Checkbook.1954-1955
131 Bank statement.Jan. 5, 1938
132 Bank statement.Oct. 19, 1938
133 Bank statement.Dec. 31, 1940
134 Bank statement.Dec. 31, 1940
372 Bank statement.Jan. 8, 1941
141 Bank statement.Feb. 11, 1943
142 Bank statement.Dec. 31, 1943
143 Bank statement.Dec. 30, 1944
144 Bank statement.Jan. 16, 1946
145 Bank statement.Dec. 31, 1946
146 Bank statement.Dec. 31, 1947
151 Bank statement.Dec. 31, 1948
152 Bank statement.Jan. 31, 1949
153 Bank statement.Feb. 28, 1949
154 Bank statement.Mar. 29, 1949
155 Bank statement.Apr. 29, 1949
156 Bank statement.May 31, 1949
157 Bank statement.June 30, 1949
158 Bank statement.July 29, 1949
159 Bank statement.Aug. 31, 1949
1510 Bank statement.Sept. 30, 1949
1511 Bank statement.Oct. 31, 1949
1512 Bank statement.Nov. 30, 1949
1513 Bank statement.Dec. 30, 1949
1514 Bank statement.Jan. 31, 1950
1515 Bank statement.Feb. 28, 1950
1516 Bank statement.Mar. 29, 1950
1517 Bank statement.Apr. 28, 1950
1518 Bank statement.May 31, 1950
1519 Bank statement.June 30, 1950
1520 Bank statement.July 29, 1950
1521 Bank statement.Aug. 31, 1950
1522 Bank statement.Sept. 29, 1950
1523 Bank statement.Oct. 31, 1950
1524 Bank statement.Nov. 30, 1950
1525 Bank statement.Dec. 29, 1950
161 Bank statement.Jan. 31, 1951
162 Bank statement.Feb. 28, 1951
163 Bank statement.Mar. 30, 1951
164 Bank statement.Apr. 30, 1951
165 Bank statement.May 31, 1951
166 Bank statement.July 29, 1951
167 Bank statement.July 30, 1951
168 Bank statement.Aug. 31, 1951
1610 Bank statement.Oct. 31, 1951
1611 Bank statement.Nov. 30, 1951
1612 Bank statement.Dec. 31, 1951
1613 Bank statement.Jan. 30, 1952
1614 Bank statement.Feb. 15, 1952
1615 Bank statement.Mar. 28, 1952
1616 Bank statement.Apr. 17, 1952
1617 Bank statement.May 27, 1952
1618 Bank statement.June 24, 1952
1619 Bank statement.July 29, 1952
1620 Bank statement.Aug. 19, 1952
1621 Bank statement.Sept. 23, 1952
1622 Bank statement.Oct. 30, 1952
1623 Bank statement.Nov. 28, 1952
1624 Bank statement.Dec. 29, 1952
1625 Bank statement.Jan. 28, 1953
1626 Bank statement.Feb. 18, 1953
1627 Bank statement.Mar. 23, 1953
1628 Bank statement.Sept. 28, 1951
1628 Bank statement.Apr. 17, 1953
1629 Bank statement.May 15, 1953
1630 Bank statement.June 24, 1953
1631 Bank statement.July 28, 1953
1632 Bank statement.Aug. 26, 1953
1633 Bank statement.Sept. 29, 1953
1634 Bank statement.Oct. 29, 1953
1635 Bank statement.Nov. 23, 1953
1636 Bank statement.Dec. 21, 1953
171 Bank statement.Jan. 27, 1954
172 Bank statement.Feb. 24, 1954
173 Bank statement.Mar. 4, 1954
174 Bank statement.Mar. 23, 1954
175 Bank statement.Apr. 20, 1954
176 Bank statement.Apr. 29, 1954
177 Bank statement.May 17, 1954
178 Bank statement.June 21, 1954
179 Bank statement.July 19, 1954
1710 Bank statement.Aug. 17, 1954
1711 Bank statement.Sept. 17, 1954
1712 Bank statement.Oct. 22-Nov. 19, 1954
1713 Bank statement.Dec. 23, 1954

Subseries C. Taxes


Scope and Content Note

Tax returns, information returns, lists of items in the book and art collections and their appraised values.


Alphabetical by creator or type of material.

181California. Income Tax Division. Annual information on tax returns.1939-1955
182California. Office of State Controller. Gift tax return.1950
183United States. Internal Revenue Service. Annual information return.1940-1943
373United States. Internal Revenue Service. Corporation income and excess-profits tax return.1938, 1941
184United States. Internal Revenue Service. Employer's tax return.1938
185United States. Internal Revenue Service. Exemption application and schedules.Apr. 12, 1954
186United States. Internal Revenue Service. Tax form instructions and information.1938, 1943
187United States. Internal Revenue Service. Tax returns.1943-1953
188 Lists of assets and values.1950-1951
189 List of books purchased outside of California by FBF.1937-1950
1810 List of values of collection.June 17, 1941
1811 Notes regarding corporate taxes.1938-1950, n.d.
1812 Philadelphia Museum of Art gift. List of values.1950
1813 Schedule B: Summary of purchases from out-of-state retailers.Oct. 1 1943-Sept. 30, 1951

Subseries D. Insurance

1942-1983, n.d.

Scope and Content Note

Lists of manuscripts, books, art works, and furnishings owned by the Francis Bacon Foundation and their insurance values.


Alphabetical by creator or type of materials.

191Citizens Insurance Company of New Jersey. Insurance policy.July 20, 1953
192Pacific Employers Insurance Company. Endorsement.Mar. 6, 1942
193Pacific National Fire Insurance Co.. Insurance contract.Jan. 20, 1942
194Standard Marine Insurance Company. Insurance policies.1947, 1950
195Sun Insurance Office, Ltd.. Insurance policy.June 16, 1948
196 List of art works, furnishings, etc. with insurance values.Jan. 10, 1973
197 List of art works with insurance values.Jul. 11, 1944
198 List of art works with insurance values.n.d.
199 List of books, furnishings, rugs, art works, etc. with insurance values.Jun. 30, 1949
1910 List of books, furnishings, rugs, art works, etc. with insurance values pp. 1-75.n.d.
1911 List of books, furnishings, rugs, art works, etc. with insurance values pp. 76-162n.d.
1912 List of books, furnishings, rugs, art works, etc. with insurance values pp.168-228.n.d.
1913 List of books, furnishings, rugs, art works, etc. with insurance values pp.227-291.n.d.
1914 List of books valued at $100 or more.Aug. 10, 1973
1915 List of house furnishings with insurance values.n.d.
1916 List of insurance changes sent to Claremont Colleges Office of the Controller.1960-1969
1917 List of insurance changes sent to Claremont Colleges Office of the Controller.1970-1983
1918 List of miscellaneous items with insurance values.1963-1972
1919 List of rare books published prior to 1751 with insurance values.n.d.
1920 Miscellaneous manuscript and book lists with insurance values.1983, n.d.
1921 Notes regarding insurance policies.n.d.

Subseries E. Receipts and invoices


Scope and Content Note

Receipts, invoices and check stubs for insurance, conservation, photography and other items.


Alphabetical by creator.

201A. G. Beaman Agency, Ltd.. Invoices.Feb. 4, 1943
202Bank of California. Check stubs.Nov. 3, 1982
203Cass & Johansing Insurance Brokers. Invoices.1944-1945
204Claremont Colleges. Check stubs.May 25, 1983
205Druzik, James R.. Invoice for conservation.Oct. 5, 1991
206European-American Banking Corporation. Check stubs.Mar. 25, 1976
207Getty Conservation Institute. Receipt for deposit for conservation.Aug. 29, 1991
208Harry N. Abrams, Inc.. Check stubs.Sept. 23, 1988
209P. A. Palmer, Inc.. Invoices.1949-1950
2010Pacific National Fire Insurance Co.. Invoices.June 4, 1942
2011Philadelphia Museum of Art. Receipt for donation for the Arensberg Bulletin.Dec. 28, 1979
2012Robert C. Frampton Creative Photography. Invoices.Mar. 25, 1966
2013Societe Generale Agence Centrale (France). Check stubs.Mar. 7, 1977
2014State Compensation Insurance Fund of California. Invoices.1944, 1953

Subseries F. Miscellany


Scope and Content Note

Notes and lists regarding the indebtedness of the Foundation to the Arensbergs, and the sale of the Arensbergs' estate after their deaths.


Alphabetical by type of material.

2015 Lists of contributions by and indebtedness of FBF to Walter and Louise Arensberg.1939-1951
2016 Lists of household contents for estate 1954
2017 Notes regarding estate sale.1954
2018 Sales report on estate sale.1954

Series V. Library records


Scope and Content Note

This series is comprised of the Francis Bacon Library's records, including research correspondence; standard forms, such as user registrations and permission to publish requests; and finding aids and file lists for the Library's manuscript and book collections. Also includes some material related to the Library's exhibitions.

Subseries A. Correspondence

1952-1995, n.d.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence with Library staff, particularly Elizabeth Wrigley and Naomi Sawelson-Gorse, who was hired as Archivist in the 1980s. Much of the correspondence consists of research requests to the library, primarily about Duchamp, the Arensbergs and their circle of artist friends. There is also correspondence with the Philadelphia Museum of Art regarding the transfer of the art collection to the Museum. There are also many requests for photographs, photocopies, and permission to publish, as well as correspondence about research and loans for exhibits.


Alphabetical by correspondent.

211Abbeville Press. 1990, 1993
212Abrahm, Lee. 1978
213Agee, William C.. 1982
214Alfieri, August M.. 1988
215Allentuk, Marcia, 1928-. 1995
216Almon, Bert, 1943-. 1994
217Archer M. Huntington Art Gallery. 1987
218Archives Accessions Annual. 1989
251Archives of American Art.

1985, 1988-1991, 1993, n.d..
219Arensberg, Charles C..

1976, 1987-1991
2110Arensberg, Charles F. C.. 1964
2111Autry Museum of Western Heritage. 1995
2112Bach, Friedrich Teja. 1987, 1993
2113Bayer, Joella. 1987
2114Beall, Robert. 1988
2115Bennett, Fred Willard. 1988
2116Bers, Marianne S.. 1992
2117Best, Gary Dean. 1993
2118Bibliotheque Litteraire Jacques Doucet. 1957
2119Blanken, Tamara. 1988-1994, n.d.
2120Bloshteyn, Maria. 1994
2121Boddewyn, Julia May. 1995
2122Bogner, Dieter. 1990-1991
2123Bohan, Ruth L.. 1988
2124Bohn, Willard, 1939-. 1971
2125Bohn, Willard, 1939-. 1973, 1977-1978, 1989, 1993-1994, n.d.
2126Bonk, Ecke. 1988-1989
2127Bradshaw, David. 1985
2128Brumder, Melissa C.. 1986
2129Buchman, Alexander H.. 1993
2130Burke, Carolyn. 1986-1987, 1991
2131California State University, Fullerton. Art Gallery. 1982-1983
2132Camfield, William A.. 1962, 1984-1992
2133Caws, Mary Ann. 1986, n.d.
2134Chefdor, Monique. 1982
2135Churchill, Suzanne W. (Suzanne Wintsch), 1966-. 1994, n.d.
2136Clancy, Patrick. 1988, 1991-1992
2137Claremont Graduate School Art Gallery. 1993
2138Clark, Lorna J.. 1984
2139Cole, Andrea B.. 1972, 1974, 1976
2140Conger, Amy, 1942-. 1991
221Conover, Roger L.. 1987, 1991, 1995
222Cooper-Arensberg, Andrea. 1981
223Crucelli, Matthew J. 1976
224Crunden, Robert Morse. 1987, 1993
225Dahman, Ghada, 1961-. 1988
226Dallas Museum of Fine Arts. 1992
227Daniels, Dieter.

228D'ecaudin, Michel. 1983, n.d.
252Delano Greenidge Editions. 1993
229Doepel, Rory T.. 1980-1981, 1986-1987
2210Duchamp, Marcel, 1887-1968.

2211DuMont Buchverlag.

2212Ehrlich, Susan. 1991
2213Fillin-Yeh, Susan. 1986-1987, 1991
2214Filreis, Alan, 1956-. 1984-1985
2215Flores, Nadine. 1991
2216Fort, Ilene Susan. 1993-1994
2217Frail, David, 1952-. 1982
2218Franklin, Paul B., 1967-. 1993
2219Geist, Sidney. 1967
2220Getty Center for the History of Art and the Humanities. 1984
2221Getty Conservation Institute. 1991
2222Goff, Tom. 1989-1990
2223Gough-Cooper, Jennifer. 1980, 1986-1987, 1991
2224Gough-Cooper, Jennifer. 1992-1993, 1995, n.d.
2225Grace, Sherrill, 1944-. 1988
2226Gruppo Editoriale Fabbri. 1992-1993
2227Hamilton, George Heard. 1960
2228Harding, Karen. 1976, n.d.
2229Harry N. Abrams, Inc.. 1988-1993
2230Hatch, John Davis. 1991, n.d.
2231Henderson, Linda Dalrymple, 1948-. 1981
2232Hicken, Adrian. 1982
2233Holcomb III, Grant. 1971
2234Homer, William Innes. 1970, 1972
2235Howard, Seymour, 1928-. 1991, n.d.
2236J. Paul Getty Trust. 1986-1987
2237Jackson, Roger. 1991
2238Januzzi, Marisa. 1995
2239Jones, Amelia G.. 1988, 1991-1992
2240Jones, Betsy B.. 1993
2241Junior Art Gallery, Inc. (Louisville, Kentucky). 1955
2242Kachur, Lewis. 1991-1992
2243Karlstrom, Paul J.. 1991-1994, n.d.
2244Kaufman, Louis, 1905-. 1991
2245KCET (Television station : Los Angeles, Calif.). 1986-1987, 1991, n.d.
2246Kees, Weldon, 1914-1955?. 1944, n.d.
2247Kiesler, Lillian. 1986, 1990
2248Kirchner, Lisa. 1992
2249Klein, Michael. 1975-1977
2250Kogabayashi, Sachi. 1980
2251Kondritzer, Jeffry B.. 1978
2252Konstrevy. 1955
2253Kuenzli, Rudolf E.. 1985, 1988
2254Lahoda, Vojtéech. 1991
231Lash, Joseph P., 1909-. 1978
232Leavens, Ileana B.. 1974
233Lindgren, C. E. (Carl Edwin). 1994
234Litz, Walton A.. 1969
235Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 1991
236Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. 1992
237Los Angeles Times. 1987
238Lunbeck, Elizabeth. n.d.
239Lyonel Feininger Project. 1992
2310McCarthy, Laurette E.. 1993
2311MacGowan, Christopher J. (Christopher John). 1987
2312McLeod, Glen. 1979-1980, 1983, 1994
2313Margolies, Alan. 1979
2314Mariani, Paul L.. 1980
2315Marling, William Henry. 1980-1983, n.d.
2316Marquis, Alice Goldfarb. 1980
2317Martin, Marianne W.. 1981-1983
2318Mary Cassatt Foundation. 1994
2319Mattis, Olivia. 1990-1991
2320Mayou, David. 1993
2321Menil Collection (Houston, Tex.). 1988
2322Moser, Joann. 1989
2323Murphy, William. 1991
2324Musee National d'Art Moderne (France). 1975-1977
2325Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles, Calif.). 1992-1993
253Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles, Calif.). 1993, n.d.
2326Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 1986, 1991
2327Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.). 1986-1987, 1991
2328Nask, Pamela Esther. 1988, n.d.
2329Naumann, Francis M.. 1976-1977
2330Naumann, Francis M.. 1978-1986
2331Naumann, Francis M.. 1987-1988
2332Naumann, Francis M.. 1989-1992
2333Naumann, Francis M.. 1993-1995
2334Nickel, Karl. 1979
2335Overbeck, Lois More. 1989, n.d.
241Palazzo Grassi. 1993
242Popademetriou, Peter C.. 1987
243Parsons Technology, Inc.. 1995
244Philadelphia Museum of Art.

245Philadelphia Museum of Art. 1991-1995
246Prestel-Verlag. 1993
247Pustel, Gabriel. 1991-1992
248Read, Peter (Peter F.). 1978-1979
249Reliquet, Scarlett. 1994
2410Rosa, Joseph. 1987, n.d.
2411Rosenberg, Susan, 1963-. 1995
2412Sackett, Bill. 1991
2413Sanouillet, Michel. 1956
2414Schuster, Anne. 1991
2415Schwarz, Arturo, 1924-. 1965-1967, 1973, 1976, 1991, 1994
2416Seabury Press. 1973
2417Shannon, Helen M.. 1995
2418Sherman, Susan. 1993
2419Silk, Gerald. 1979-1980
2420Smith, Lindsay. 1985
2421Smithsonian Magazine. 1993-1994
2422Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. 1962-1963
2423Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Center for Dewey Studies. 1991
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2425Stavitsky, Gail, 1954-. 1993
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2428Stevens, Michael John. 1977
2429Stevens Memorial Library (North Andover, Mass.). 1957-1960, 1992
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2432Tashjian, Dickran, 1940-. 1991
2433Tomkins, Calvin. 1991
2434Tsiakma, Katia. 1976
2435University of California, Los Angeles. 1954
2436University of Iowa. 1952
2437University of Texas. Humanities Research Center. 1991, 1994
2438Van Rossum, Frans. 1989
2439Waiter, Gilberte. 1976
2440Wadsworth, Frank W.. 1958
2441Watson, Steven. 1989-1991
2442Weaver, Mike L.H.L.. 1987
2443Weiss, Peg, 1932-. 1986-1987
2444Whitney Museum of American Art. 1985, 1993-1996
2445Wickstrom, Mary L.. 1980
2446Willard, Christopher. 1991
2447William Andrews Clark Memorial Library. 1954
2448Witemeyer, Hugh. 1992
2449Woodman, Leonora. 1987
2450Wurster, William Wilson. 1988
2451Zilczer, Judith. 1993-1994
2452[?], David. 1993

Subseries B. Forms


Scope and Content Note

Archives registration, copy orders, and permission to publish forms.


Alphabetical by type of form.

261 Archives Registration Forms.1987-1993, n.d.
262 Copy order forms. Alm-Jon.1983-1995
273 Copy Order Forms. Jon-Zil.1983-1995
264 Publication permission forms. Alm-Kue.1986-1995
265 Publication permission forms. Kar-Way.1986-1995

Subseries C. Finding aids

1954-1992, n.d.

Scope and Content Note

Lists, indices, descriptions, and catalog cards of various collections of material in the Arensberg Archives and related collections.


Alphabetical by type of finding aid or by collection creator.

266 Arensberg archives. Finding aid, background and organization description.May 1992
267 Preliminary box listAug. 1, 1988
268 Box list.Aug. 1, 1989
269 Box list.May 1992
2610 Preliminary Index.Aug. 1, 1988
2611 IndexAug. 1, 1989
2612 Index.n.d.
2613 Index to the holdings of the FBL and 1989
2614 American literary manuscripts, Charles F.C. Arensberg and Emily Maynadier Arensberg, Carl Haverlin and Stendahl Art Galleries matierials index.May 1992
2615 Guillaume Apollinaire materials index.Aug. 1, 1988, n.d.
2616 Charles C. Arensberg materials index.Mar. 24, 1987
2617 John Covert materials index.Nov.1, 1989- May 1992, n.d.
2618 Marcel Duchamp materials index.n.d.
2619 Mina Loy materials index.Aug. 1, 1988, n.d.
2620 Francis Picabia materials index.Nov. 1, 1989, n.d.
2621 Charles Sheeler materials index.Nov. 1, 1989, n.d.
2622 Elmer Ernest Southard materials index.Nov. 1, 1989
2623 Edward Weston materials index.Dec. 1985-Aug. 1, 1988
2624 Beatrice Wood materials index.Nov. 1, 1989
2625 Miscellaneous index.n.d.
2626 Walter Arensberg correspondence with anti-Shakespeareans index.Aug. 1, 1988
2627 Dada material in the Arensberg collection. FBL index.1954, n.d.
2628 Catalog cards.n.d.
2629 Writings of Walter Conrad Arensberg in the FBLn.d.

Subseries D. File lists

1939-1973, n.d.

Scope and Content Note

Lists and inventories of books and institutional files.


Alphabetical by type of material.

271 Active files.n.d.
272 Bacon Library inventory pp. 1-65, artworks, manuscripts, etc.1965-1973, n.d.
273 Bacon Library inventory pp. 66-1781960-1968, n.d.
274 Bacon Library inventory pp. 168-2291961-1966, n.d.
275 Bacon Library inventory pp. 230-3361968-1973, n.d.
276 Books and files.n.d.
277 Cabinet files.n.d.
278 Publications of the Bacon Society of America and the Bacon Society of England1939, 1955
279 Transfer files.n.d.

Subseries E. Exhibitions

1981-1994, n.d.

Scope and Content Note

Labels, copy photographs and posters from exhibitions held at the Francis Bacon Library.


Alphabetical by title of exhibition or type of material.

281 "A propos- Apollinaire" exhibition labels.1988
282 "Apollinaire: Ideogramme and pantomime" exhibition labels.1982
283 Arensberg collection rugs and misc. exhibition labels.n.d.
284 "The Arensbergs and their circle." exhibition labels.1982
285 "Art and artifacts of modernism" exhibition labels.1986
286 Interconnections" exhibition labels.1994
287 "Marcel Duchamp: Artist and art dealer" exhibition labels.1983
291 "Marcel Duchamp: Artist and art dealer" exhibition poster.1983
288 "Mementos of Marcel" exhibition labels.1981
289 Copy photos for display. 1:2.1983
2810 Copy photos for display. 2:2.1983

Subseries F. Microfilm and video

1985, 1991

Scope and Content Note

One reel of microfilm of the Arensberg Archives, and a videotape of the television show "Paintbox Pioneers" from KCET, a Los Angeles station.


Alphabetical by title.

301 Arensberg Archives microfilm reel 1.1985
302 "California Stories: Paintbox Pioneers".Mar. 23, 1991

Subseries G. Other


Scope and Content Note

Invoices, lists of library acquisitions, and notes regarding reference questions at the Library.


Alphabetical by type of material.

311 Invoices for photocopying and photograph reproduction.1971-1993
312 Ledger of acquisitions1937-1943
313 List of Arensberg material accessioned after March 1, 19861986
314 Notes regarding FBL reference.1988, n.d.

Series VI. Clippings


Scope and Content Note

Clippings from newspapers and magazine, including exhibition and book reviews, and clippings about the Arensbergs, their art collection, and individuals from their circle of friends.


Original order; usually by subject, sometimes by author.

321 Arensberg, Walter, 1878-1954. Obituary.n.d.
322 Armory Show of 1913. Fiftieth anniversary exhibition(s).1963
323 Brancusi, Constantin. 1876-1957.Nov. 8, 1961
324 Bufano, Beniamino, 1898-19701972
325 Chambers, Robert, 1881-1957.n.d.
326 Curry, John Steuart, 1897-1946.Nov. 23, 1936
327 Duchamp, Marcel, 1887-1968.1956-1968
328 Duchamp, Marcel, 1887-19681973-1992, n.d.
329 E. B. Crocker Art Gallery.June 19, 1938
3210 Eiseley, Loren C., 1907-1977. Obituary.n.d.
3211 Ethiopian medieval paintings.n.d.
3212 Eyck, Jan van, 1390-1440.Sept. 1953
3213 Giotto, 1266?-1337.n.d.
3214 Gris, Juan, 1887-1927June 1, 1963
3215 Hitchcock Chair Company.Feb. 5, 1955
3216 Hory, Elmyr de.Feb 27, 1970
3217 Houston Center for Photography. "365/360 [Patrick Clancy]."1986-1987
3218 Kimball, Fiske, 1888-1955Feb. 15, 1955
3219 Klee, Paul, 1879-1940n.d.
3220 Los Angeles (Calif.). City Council.Feb. 15, 1955
3221 Marceau, Henri, 1896-1969. Obituary.Sept. 16, 1969
3222Millier, Arthur. 1956
3223 Musee National d'Art Moderne (France). Marcel Duchamp exhibition.1977
3224 Museum of Modern Art (New York, N. Y.) Marcel Duchamp: A retrospective exhibition.Nov. 21, 1973
3225 Ohrbach's Store. Decorative murals.n.d.
3226 Paz, Octavio, 1914-. "Marcel Duchamp: Appearance stripped bare." Review.Feb. 11, 1979
3227 Philadelphia Museum of Art.1955, n.d.
3228 Philadelphia Museum of Art. Marcel Duchamp: A retrospective exhibition.1973
3229 Picasso, Pablo, 1881-19731957
3230 Pre-Columbian, African and Oceanic Art.n.d.
3231 Ray, Man, 1890-1976.1954, 1963
3232 Renaissance painting.Jan. 21, 1951
3233 Russian icons.July 5, 1936
3234 Schwarz, Arturo. "The complete works of Marcel Duchamp" and "Notes and projects for the large glass." Review.May 30, 1970
3235 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Paintings from the Arensberg and Gallatin Collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (1961).ca. 1961
3236 Stendahl, Earl.July 1, 1955
3237 Supervielle, Jules, 1884-1960. "The artist in society."June 12, 1952
3238 Tashjian, Dickran, 1940-. "Dada and the American Avant-Garde, 1910-1925." Review.n.d.
3239 Vogue. Ad.n.d.
3240 Weston, Edward, 1886-1958Sept. 28, 1975
3241 Winston, Harry and Lydia. Art Collection.1957
3242 Wood, Beatrice.1978-1993 and n.d.

Series VII. Ephemera

1951-1994, n.d.

Scope and Content Note

Brochures, pamphlets, exhibition announcements, invitations, and other items from museums, galleries, universities, publishing houses, and other organizations.


Alphabetical by creator.

331Academie de Museologie Evocatoire. Subscription request.n.d.?
332American Academy of Chinese Culture, Inc.. Wong Lui Sand exhibition. Invitation.Mar. 19, 20, 1962
333American Foundations Information Service. "American Foundations news service".June 1, 1951
334American Research Center in Egypt. Brochure.n.d.
335Anca Colbert Fine Arts, Ltd.. "'Shock,' she said: Beatrice Wood." Exhibition announcement.June 13-July 31, 1988
336Archives of American Art. "Art for the record" Symposium program.Mar. 26, 1988
343Archives of American Art. Membership brochure.n.d.
337Archives of American Art. "Visual arts and the myth of Southern California." Symposium brochure.Oct. 18-19, 1986
374California State University, Fullerton. Art Gallery. "Beatrice Wood retrospective." Exhibition poster.Feb. 5-Mar. 3, 1983
338Campbell and Hall (Boston, Mass.). Book order form.n.d.
339Charlotte Crosby Kemper Gallery. "365/360 [Patrick Clancy]." Exhibition.Mar. 28-Apr. 23, 1986
3310Charlotte Crosby Kemper Gallery. "John Cage Installation." Exhibition announcement.Mar. 18-Apr. 17, 1988
3311Claremont Colleges Library. "Interconnections" Exhibition and symposium series announcement.Nov. 3-Nov. 19, 1993
3312Claremont Colleges. "Interconnections." Symposium luncheon invitation in honor of Beatrice Wood.Nov. 6, 1993
3313Confederation des Associations & Comites. "Macadam magazine" order form.n.d.
3314Craft and Folk Art Museum. "Intimate appeal: The figurative art of Beatrice Wood." Exhibition announcement.June 19, 1990
3315Duchamp, Marcel, 1887-1968. "The" photostat.n.d.
3316Francis Bacon Foundation. Brochure.n.d.
3317Garth Clark Gallery. "I shock myself." Publication party invitation.Dec. 5, 1985
342Gotham Book Mart. Marcel Duchamp/addenda. Exhibition announcement.Jan. 14-Mar.2, 1974
3318Houston Center for Photography. "365/360 [Patrick Clancy]." Exhibition announcement.Dec. 12, 1987
3319KCET (Television station : Los Angeles, Calif.). "The paintbox Pioneers." Television program announcement.Apr. 11, 1987
3320Michael Himovitz Gallery. Brochure.n.d.
3321Musee National d'Art Moderne (France). "Francis Picabia." Invitation to exhibition preview.Jan. 22, 1976
3322Musee National d'Art Moderne (France). Free admission pass.Feb. 2-7, 1977
3323Museum Ludwig. "Ubrigens Sterben Immer Zdie Andren." Exhibition announcement.Jan. 14-Mar.6, 1988
3324Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.). "Marcel Duchamp." Invitation to contributing members preview.Jan. 2, 1974
3325Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.). Members calendar.Nov. 1972
3326Palazzo Grassi. "Marcel Duchamp." Invitation to discussion of exhibition.Feb. 16, 1993
3327Philadelphia Museum of Art. "A propos of Marcel Duchamp." Exhibition and event announcements.1987
3328Philadelphia Museum of Art. "Marcel Duchamp." Invitation to members preview.Sept. 21, 1973
3329Severin Wunderman Museum. [Beatrice Wood exhibition]. Exhibition announcement.June 20-Aug. 20, 1993
3330Social and Public Arts Resource Center. "Beatrice Wood." exhibition announcement.May 30, 1987
341University of California, Los Angeles. Weekly calendar.May 12, 1957
3331Visual Studies Workshop. "365/360 [Patrick Clancy]." Exhibition announcement.Sept. 11-Nov. 13, 1992
3332Visual Studies Workshop. "365/360 [Patrick Clancy]." Performance brochure.Sept. 11, 1992
3333Wood, Beatrice. "The angel who wore black tights." Invitation to publication party.Mar. 6, 1982
3334Wood, Beatrice. "Beatrice Wood: Mama of Dada." Invitation to film premiere.Mar. 3, 1993
3335Wood, Beatrice. "Beatrice Wood: Mama of Dada." Video order form.Oct. 1, 1993
3336Wood, Beatrice. "Chocolate and young men." Film ticket order form.Oct. 14-24, 1993
3337Wood, Beatrice. "I shock myself." Publication announcement.n.d.
3338Wood, Beatrice. Invitation to 101st birthday party.Mar. 3, 1994
3339Wood, Beatrice. "Torch in the sky." Play poster for production by Helicon Theatre Company.May 28-31, 1993
3342Yale University. Art Gallery. "Charles Sheeler american interiors." Invitation to exhibition preview.Apr. 1, 1987

Series VIII. Miscellany


Scope and Content Note

Includes information about art objects owned by the Foundation and lent to various exhibitions, typescripts of two articles by Francis Naumann, notes, packing slips, and other miscellaneous material.

Subseries A. Loans


Scope and Content Note

Loan forms and receipts.


Alphabetical by museum/gallery.

351Los Angeles County Museum of Art. "Costume in the age of Francis Bacon." Loan agreement and reciept.1991
352Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles, Calif.). "Rolywholyover...a circus." Exhibition loan forms.1993
375Palazzo Grassi. "Marcel Duchamp" exhibition. Loan forms and condition reports.1993
353Philadelphia Museum of Art. "Rolywholyover...a circus." Loan reciept.1994
354Whitney Museum of American Art. "New York Dada: 1915-1923." Exhibition loan forms.1996-1997

Subseries B. Writings

1977, n.d.

Scope and Content Note

Two typescript articles by Francis M. Naumann.



355Naumann, Francis M.. "Cryptography and the Arensberg circle" Typescript lecture.1977
356Naumann, Francis M.. "New York Dada - Seminar report - 'The Arensberg Circle, 1915-1920.'" Photocopied bibliography. 4 p.n.d.
357Naumann, Francis M.. "Walter Conrad Arensberg: Poet, patron and participant in the New York Avant-Garde, 1914-1920." Typescript article.n.d.

Subseries C. Other


Scope and Content Note

Notes, addresses, miscellaneous photocopied items.


Alphabetical by type of material.

358 Address for Noam Cohen.n.d.
359 Address for Rory T. Doepel.n.d.
3510 Invitation list for pre-Columbian exhibition.n.d.
3511 Employee time sheets and forms.1938-1939
3512 Notes: misc.1936-1967, n.d.
3513 Notes re: biographical info on LSA.n.d.
3514 Notes re: correspondence after the Arensberg's death.n.d.
3515 Notes re: Distributuon of money by LSA.Nov. 20, 1954
3516 Notes re: works by Beatrice Wood.n.d.
3517 Packing slip: book from Oxford University press.1993
3518 Packing slip: book from Southern Illinois University Press.1993
3519 Packing slip: photo from Zeitlin and Ver Brugge Booksellers.1987
3520 Photocopies of photographs of "the others."n.d.
3521 Photocopy of pp. 163-164 of "A Manual of Copyright Practice" by Margaret Nicholson.1945
3522 Postcard of works by Andre Raffray for a Marcel Duchamp exhibition.n.d.
3523 U.S. Congress Foundation questionnaire.1952
376 Photograph of the Hollywood Musicians' Club1947
377 Photostat copy of page from unidentified journal or broadside.n.d.