Alexina and Marcel Duchamp Papers : X. Photographs : C. Portraits and snapshots : 3. Marcel Duchamp with others

Sub-subseries 3. Marcel Duchamp with others

ca. 1886-1966, n.d.

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains snapshots and portraits of Marcel Duchamp with his family, friends, and associates. It includes a photograph of Duchamp with his two brothers in Puteaux; an often reproduced image of Duchamp with Henri Pierre Roché and Beatrice Wood at Coney Island in 1917; several snapshots from an outing Duchamp took with the Crottis and Arensbergs to visit Katherine Dreier in West Redding, Connecticut around 1918; various views of Duchamp with members of the Surrealist movement in New York in the 1940's, including Maria Martins, André Breton, Arshile Gorky, and Frederick Kiesler; and several images of Duchamp with his wife Alexina.

All photographs for which the Museum owns copyright or has been given copyright permisison have been digitized.


Alphabetical by photographer. Images by unidentified photographers follow, and are filed chronologically.

301Agence Photographique, France. Marcel Duchamp and Jacques Villon in Villon's studio. 4 items. ca. 1951
302Bacci Attilio Fotografo (Milan). Marcel Duchamp and Alexina Duchamp visiting Mr. And Mrs. Arturo Schwarz in their home. Milan, Italy. 4 items. 1964
303Bacci Attilio Fotografo (Milan). Marcel Duchamp and Alexina Duchamp with Enrico Baj. Milan, Italy. 4 items. 1964
304Bain News Service. Marcel Duchamp at dock about to depart New York, with Leon Hartl and Mrs. Hartl. 3 items. Feb. 1927
305Blakelys. Marcel Duchamp and Beatrice Wood. Ojai, California. 1 item. Oct. 1963
306Costa, [?]. Marcel Duchamp and Mary Reynolds in a sweatbox. London, England. 2 items. 1937
307Donati, Enrico, 1909-. Marcel Duchamp and Donati. Digital images are available for 1 of 1 item. ca. 1955-1959
3218Dreier, Katherine Sophie, 1877-1952. Jacques Villon, Marcel Duchamp and Gaby Villon. Puteaux, France.Christmas 1929
Editions les Maîtres (New York, N.Y.). Marcel Duchamp with Alexina Duchamp and other people.


Alexina and Marcel Duchamp Papers / X. Photographs / C. Portraits and snapshots / 2. Marcel Duchamp with works of art / f. Editions les Maîtres (New York, N.Y.). Marcel Duchamp with "Marcel Duchamp Cast Alive" and portrait bust. Some photos include Alexina Duchamp and unidentified people.

308Grehan, Farrell. Marcel Duchamp and Alexina Duchamp. Cadaquès, Spain. 1 item. July 29, 1963
309Grehan, Farrell. Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray. Cadaquès, Spain. 1 item. 1963
3010Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. Marcel Duchamp, Alexina Duchamp, and unidentified couple. Henry Ford Museum. Dearborn, Michigan. Digital images are available for 1 of 2 items. 1961
3011Marcia Rocco Studio (New York, N.Y.). Marcel Duchamp and unidentified men. Rocco Studio. New York, New York. 13 items. Jan. 1953
3012Mort Kaye Studios (Palm Beach). Marcel Duchamp and Alexina Duchamp. Palm Beach, Florida. 3 items. Feb. 1962
3013Ray, Man, 1890-1976 [after]. Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Stella at Man Ray's apartment. New York, N. Y. (1916). Copy print from The Little Review. (1922). 1 item. n.d.
3014Savage, Naomi [attr.]. Marcel Duchamp with Man Ray and unidentified man in front of Rue de la Vielle Lanterne sign. Los Angeles, California. 4 items. 1949
3015Schiff, John D.. Marcel Duchamp and Arakawa. Dwan Gallery. New York, N. Y.1966
3016Waldberg, Michel. Marcel Duchamp and Robert Lebel. 1 item. Late 1950s-early 1960s?
3017Wood, Beatrice. Marcel Duchamp, Walter Arensberg and Louise Arensberg. Hollywood, California. Digital images are available for 9 of 10 items. 1936
3018Unidentified. Suzanne Duchamp, Lucie Duchamp (mother), Marcel Duchamp, Clemence (tenant), and Yvonne Duchamp. Blainville, France. 2 items. ca. 1886
3219Unidentified. Duchamp family playing cards. Blainville, France. 1 item. ca. 1896
3220Unidentified. Duchamp family. Blainville, France. 3 items. ca. 1899
3221Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp with schoolmates doing acrobatics on the school yard? 1 item. ca. 1902
3019Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp, Eugene Duchamp (father), Lucie Duchamp (mother), Suzanne Duchamp, Yvonne Duchamp and Magdeleine Duchamp, standing (in profile) on vacation. Veules-les-Roses, France? 2 items. 1907-1911
3020Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp, Jacques Villon (i.e. Gaston Duchamp), and Raymond Duchamp-Villon (i.e. Duchamp), seated outdoors with dog. Puteaux, France. 1 item. ca. 1912
3021Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia, and Beatrice Wood. Coney Island. New York, N. Y. 1 item. 1917
3022Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp, Walter and Louise Arensberg, Jean and Yvonne Crotti, and Katherine Dreier. Outing to Dreier's Connecticut home.

See Also:

Arensberg Archives / VIII. Photographs / A. Louise Arensberg photo albums / f. Vol. 2, p. 2: Photos of WCA, LSA, Yvonne Crotti, Marcel Duchamp, Jean Crotti, and Katherine Dreier. New York, NY; West Redding, CT.
7 items.
3223Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp, Irina and Lizica Codreanu, and Constantin Brancusi in Brancusi's studio. Paris, France. 1 item. ca. 1924
3023Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp and Mary Reynolds with a cat. Double exposure. Villafranche, France. 1 item. 1929
3024Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp with large group having dinner in restaurant w/ art moderne style mirror. Paris[?] 1 item. ca. 1920s
3222Unidentified. Francis Picabia, Marcel Duchamp and others at the beach. Cannes, France. 1 item. ca. 1920s?
3025Unidentified. Constantin Brancusi, Marcel Duchamp, unidentified women and Mary Reynolds, Ville Franche, France. 2 items. 1931
3026Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp and Hans Alin. Lee, Massachusetts. 1 item. June 1936
3027Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp and Mary E. Dreier. 1 item. June 1936
3028Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp and Yves Tanguy. 1 item. 1937
3029Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp with the "Artists in Exile" group (2 views), seated with Peggy Guggenheim in background. New York, N. Y.[?] Contact sheet. 1 item. 1942?
3030Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp with group of friends, including André Breton, Mme. Cesaire, Jacqueline Matisse, Elise Breton, Kay Sage[?], Yves Tanguy, Nicolas Calas, Patricia Matta, Matta, Alexina Matisse (later Duchamp), and Cesaire. New York, N. Y. 2 items. ca. 1944-1945
3031Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp with group of friends, including Max Ernst, André Breton, Arshile Gorky, Nicolas Calas, Matta, Frederick Kiesler, and others. New York, N. Y. 1 item. 1945
3032Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp and others (including Virgil Thompsen?) on the S.S. Brazil. 2 items. 1946
3033Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp and Mary E. Dreier. 1 item. 1947
3034Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp and Katherine Dreier at Dreier's Connecticut home. 1 item. 1947
3035Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp, Maria Martins, Yves Tanguy, Kay Sage, Frederick Kiesler, Arshile Gorky and others at Tanguy's home. Woodbury, Connecticut. 4 items. May 1948
311Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp in a tree with a false beard with Yves Tanguy in foreground, during the filming of Hans Richter's "8x8." Connecticut. 1 item. 1952
312Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp with Hans Richter and others at Richter's Connecticut home. 3 items. 1952
313Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp, Hans Richter and Max Ernst. 9 items. 1953
314Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp, Jacques Villon and unidentified man. Paris, France. 2 items. 1958
315Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp and Alexina Duchamp. Cadaquès, Spain. 1 item. 1959
316Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp, Alexina Duchamp, Elena Baruchello, and others. Rome, Italy. 1 item. 1962
317Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp, Alexina Duchamp, Matta, Malitte Matta, and Ramuncho Matta. 2 items. Fall 1965
318Unidentified. Marcel Duchamp, Alexina Duchamp, Max Ernst, and young woman at a café. Paris, France. 2 items. May 19, 1967
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