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January 26th, 2006
Mini-Masterpieces of Art Will Again Be Offered to the Public to Raise Funds to Support Fleisher Art Memorial Programs

Dear Fleisher – 4 x 6 Inches of Art, which premiered at the Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial in South Philadelphia in October 2004 – and raised more than $20,000 for the school’s exhibitions and classes - will once again offer the public the opportunity to buy big-name art at an extraordinarily small price. The second edition of Dear Fleisher – 4 x 6 Inches of Art will be held on October 15, 2006 at the century-old art school located at 719 Catharine Street.

These original artworks – which are standard postcard size of 4 inches by 6 inches – will only cost $50.00 each – but the catch is that they will all be exhibited anonymously. Only after they have been purchased will the buyer learn the specific artist’s name, according to Thora Jacobson, Executive Director of the Fleisher Art Memorial. More than 500 artists from the Philadelphia area are expected to donate more than 750 of these mini-masterpieces to the school, so that the public will be able to buy them on October 15 on a first-come, first-served basis.

“Whatever your secret art passion, your dream may come true for just $50,” said Liz Price, co-chair of the Dear Fleisher Committee. “The incredible range of artistic styles and media make for an extremely stimulating installation. Nobody knows what they've got until a purchase is completed and the name of the artist is finally revealed to the buyer.”

Ms. Price added that, “What we at Fleisher are sure of is that the artists are among the most noted working professionally in the Philadelphia region and, increasingly, beyond.....but you won't know if you've got an already recognized artist or an emerging artist until after you've picked what you really like – and paid for it! The discerning eye may capture an original work by Edna Andrade, Tony Auth, Diane Burko, Will Barnet, Bo Bartlett, Sidney Goodman, Mei-ling Hom, Susan Reese Horvitz, Stuart Netsky, Elizabeth Osborne, Signe Wilkinson, or Isaiah Zagar – all of whom donated their artwork to the first “Dear Fleisher” event. On the other hand, one may collect a truly tantalizing image by an emerging talent. This adds a really fun element of surprise, and levels the visual playing field, which is a rare opportunity in today's art world.”

Danielle Kulicke, co-chair of the committee, explained that the Dear Fleisher art exhibit/fund-raising effort is based on the twelve-year-old successful program organized by the Royal College of Art event in London known as “Secret,” as well as a similar event in New York.

“Philadelphia’s inaugural ‘Dear Fleisher’ event in 2004 established itself as a exciting event, with the warmth and conviviality characteristic of our local art scene, with artists, patrons, past and present Fleisher students, and friends of Fleisher having a special opportunity to meet and mingle with each other,” Ms. Kulicke said. “It was also a wonderful homecoming of sorts – a bringing together of so many people whose lives, and art careers, have been affected by the Fleisher Art Memorial.”

Formal invitations to Philadelphia and other area artists to take part in the 2006 Dear Fleisher event are being issued starting in February 2006. More information on the Dear Fleisher event can be found on the Fleisher Art Memorial’s website –

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