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Art From Africa: Long Steps Never Broke a Back

Art From Africa: Long Steps Never Broke a Back

By Pamela McClusky and Robert Farris Thompson
Contribution by Seattle Art Museum Staff

304 pages
189 color plates, 50 halftones
8 ½ x 10 ½"

ISBN 0-691-09295-8

Art From Africa: Long Steps Never Broke a Back, includes essays by Robert Farris Thompson, Professor of African and African American Art History at Yale University, and Pamela McClusky, Seattle Art Museum's founding curator of the Department of African and Oceanic Art. Known for his scintillating analyses of African art, Thompson devotes his opening essay to introducing the missing dimension of motion, exploring the meaning of postures and gestures in various African cultures. McClusky explores subjects ranging from royal art of the Kom and Asante kingdoms, masquerades from the Yoruba, Dan and Mende cultures, hunters’ shirts from the Mande empire, sculpture from the Kongo kingdom, Mercedes-Benz coffins from the streets of Ghana, photographs from Mali, and Maasai body ornaments.