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Art Museum Opposites

Art Museum Opposites

Katy Friedland and Marla K. Shoemaker

44 pages, 15 full-color spreads, 11.25" x 8.75"
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-87633-222-1

As children start to learn the differences between night and day, big and small, and old and new, Art Museum Opposites can teach them how to understand these distinctions visually by using paintings, sculptures, and other objects from the famed collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. In 15 full-color spreads, young readers can have fun comparing a bright summer day as painted by Marc Chagall with a moonlit night as depicted by Joan Miró, or contrasting “inside” and “outside” by spotting the differences between scenes of monkeys as represented by Antoine Vollon and Henri Rousseau.

The images in Art Museum Opposites prompt children to compare the images on each spread and make up stories about what they see. The works of art featured in this book will stimulate children's imaginations, inspire interactions between adults and kids, and encourage a trip to the museum to see the works first-hand. Art Museum Opposites provides endless opportunities for interaction, fun, and learning.

Recommended for ages 4–8

About the Authors

Written by museum educators Katy Friedland and Marla K. Shoemaker, the authors of the award-winning A is for Art Museum. Katy Friedland is Manager of Family and Children’s Programs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Marla K. Shoemaker is Senior Curator of Education at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


Awarded second place in the Educational Resources category of the 2011 AAM Museum Publications Design Competition