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For a comprehensive, illustrated checklist of all of the paintings in the Philadelphia Museum of Art (complete as of June 30, 1992), see Paintings from Europe and the Americas in the Philadelphia Museum of Art: A Concise Catalogue, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Museum of Art 1994. This may be purchased directly from the Museum Store.

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  • American Alliance of Museums
    Standards Regarding the Unlawful Appropriation of Objects During the Nazi Era (formerly called Guidelines Concerning the Unlawful Appropriation of Objects During the Nazi Era)
  • American Association of Art Museum Directors
    AAMD Task Force on the Spoliation of Art
  • Nazi-Era Provenance Internet Portal
    This portal provides a searchable registry of objects in US museum collections that changed hands in Continental Europe during the Nazi era (1933-45).
  • Clinton Digital Library
    Presidential Advisory Commission on Holocaust Assets in the US
  • Project for the Documentation of Wartime Losses
    Many of the individual dealers who were known to have collaborated with the Nazis on the seizure and subsequent dispersal of works of art during the years leading up to the war and through its aftermath are listed here.
  • US National Archives and Records Administration
    Captured German records, now at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland, provide a significant resource for tracing the confiscation and subsequent dispersal of paintings seized by the Nazis. Many of the paintings confiscated in this manner were discovered in salt mines in southern Germany and Austria by the Allies in the last days of the war, and were removed to the Munich Central Collecting Point. Records from the Munich Central Collecting Point document the restitution of the paintings to their countries of origin, where prewar owners or heirs claimed them.

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  • Stephanie Barron, ed. "Degenerate Art": The Fate of the Avant-Garde in Nazi Germany. Los Angeles, 1991
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  • Hector Feliciano. The Lost Museum. New York, 1997
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