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Printed Textile "Doll's House"
Printed Textile "Doll's House", 1962
Designed by Doreen Dyall, English
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Preschool Groups

Virtual Lesson: Museum Looks and Picture Books

This program is especially for preschool groups with students ages 3–5. Children explore art through close looking, movement, and sketching activities. Each session revolves around a theme and includes a picture-book reading and prompts for extended art-making. Participating classes receive preparatory materials prior to the lesson. After the lesson, each class receives the selected picture book to become a permanent part of the school library.

Cost: $100 per class. Class size is limited to twenty students. Groups with more than twenty students must register for two virtual lessons, which can be taught on the same day. Teachers must be present for virtual lessons. Classes run for 30 minutes on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

To register, call 215-684-7582.

Themes for 2021–22

  • November 2021
    Theme: Playful Patterns

    Book: Pitter Pattern by Joyce Hesselberth
    Museum Tour: Patterns
  • December 2021–January 2022
    Theme: Whimsical Waterways

    Book: A River by Marc Martin
    Museum Tour: Imaginative Landscapes
  • February–March 2022
    Theme: Squiggles, Colors, Emotions, Oh My!

    Book: Niko Draws a Feeling by Robert Raczka & Simone Shin
    Museum Tour: Abstract Art
  • April–May 2022
    Theme: Window to the World

    Book: Windows by Julia Denos & E. B. Goodale
    Museum Tour: Inside/Outside Architecture
  • June 2022
    Theme: Flower Power

    Book: Have You Seen a Flower? by Shawn Harris
    Museum Tour: Nature and Senses

For more information, please contact The Division of Education by phone at 215-684-7580 or by e-mail at .