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Conservation-Grade Storage Units

Appropriate storage space and units are an important component of preventive conservation. Housing the collection in an environment that is clean, secure, and stable is paramount to the life of an object. The cabinets selected for this project are composed of welded steel with chemically resistant seals (gaskets) and a coating to minimize pollutant off-gassing. The interiors provide storage space that maximizes accessibility, minimizes handling, and requires little maintenance. They also have superior fire, water, and pest resistance.

Views of Old Storage Units

Views of New Storage Units

Proper Handling

Perspiration and oils emitted from skin can cause potential deterioration of the materials of some works of art, such as those made of metal, ivory, lacquer, and unglazed ceramic. For such objects, gloves (cotton or nitrile) are worn and carts and cushioned supports are used to transport from one location to another.