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Stabilizing and Rehousing

The Museum staff who carried out this project consisted of a team of conservators, conservation technicians, and art handlers in conjunction with the curators of the Department of East Asian Art. Critical improvements were made in every aspect of the storage area. The materials used in rehousing of folding screens and cleaning objects, the fabrication of custom-made archival boxes, and the reorganization of the collections in the new cabinets are highlighted in the images below. In addition, digital images of each cabinet’s contents were created and displayed on the front of each in order to increase accessibility and minimize unnecessary handling of the collection.

Above (left) a custom box is constructed by a conservation technician; (top right) a selection of materials used for cleaning: ethanol, distilled water, brushes, and soft cotton clothes; (bottom right) a few of the materials used for rehousing objects, including archival board, corrugated plastic, and tissue paper

Above (top left) twelfth- to fourteenth-century Mesopotamian ceramics; (top right) custom mounts for Japanese swords; (bottom left) Chinese ceramic vases; (bottom right) Mongolian metalwork in a custom-made tray