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Gifts of Works of Art

It is unimaginable to think of the Museum without the gifts and bequests of masterworks donated by public-spirited individuals and organizations over more than 130 years. Over 90 percent of the works of art in the Museum’s world-renowned collections were acquired through gifts—an extraordinary testament to the generosity of distinguished collectors over the past thirteen decades.

There are a number of ways in which donors can give works of art:
  • as an outright gift
  • as an irrevocable promised gift
  • as the gift of a percentage of value over a time period designated by the giver (also known as a fractional interest gift)
  • as a bequest in the giver’s will

To inquire about giving a work of art to the Museum, please send digital images of the object and any details (such as artist/maker, date, and medium) to .

Gifts of works of art are reviewed by the appropriate curator and subject to approval by the Museum curatorial committees and Board of Trustees. Donors of gifts of works of art are recognized in the credit line of the work of art when on view at the Museum, on loan to other institutions, and used in publications or on the Museum’s website. Donors of outright or irrevocably promised gifts of works of art are welcomed as members of the Anne d’Harnoncourt Society.

The Anne d’Harnoncourt Society

During her remarkable tenure as The George D. Widener Director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Anne d’Harnoncourt fostered the growth and distinction of the Museum’s extraordinary and diverse permanent collection. In tribute to her legacy, donors of outright and promised gifts of art and/or those who make financial gifts of $5,000 or more designated for art acquisition, are recognized with membership in the Anne d’Harnoncourt Society. The society’s membership is comprised of generous individuals who exemplify Miss d’Harnoncourt’s lasting vision to ensure our collections remain comprehensive in scope, exemplary in quality, and accessible to all.


Members of the Anne d’Harnoncourt Society

List as of January 2020

Benefactor Members

Dennis Alter

Barbara B. and Theodore R. Aronson

Andrea M. Baldeck, M.D.

Jill and Sheldon Bonovitz

Ira Brind

Lillian and Elliott H. Eisman

Agnes Gund

Jeffrey and Penny Hecktman

Lynne and Harold Honickman

Marjorie and Jeffrey Honickman

Joan M. and Victor L. Johnson

Athena and Nicholas Karabots

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Kim

Caroline and Sidney Kimmel

Brook J. Lenfest

Marguerite and Gerry* Lenfest

Musa and Tom Mayer

Mrs. Robert L. McNeil, Jr.

Harvey S. Shipley Miller

Leslie Miller and Richard Worley

Jacqueline Matisse Monnier

Mrs. J. Maxwell Moran

Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer and Joseph Neubauer

The Pew Charitable Trusts

The Judith Rothschild Foundation

Mr.* and Mrs. Keith L. Sachs

Ronnie L. and John E. Shore

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Vogel III

C. K. Williams, II

Penelope P. Wilson


Anonymous (13)

2000 Cranes Japanese Pottery & Ceramics

Morton Abramson and Joan Nissman

Mrs. Arlin M. Adams

Michael A. Adams

Warren J. Adelson

AF Supply

Matthew Affron

Igal Ahouvi

Elizabeth A. Albert

Sara Albrecht

Anne R. Albright and Trevor R. Drake

John Alchin and Hal Marryatt


Alexander and Bonin

Alexander Gallery

Dr. Charles E. Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Alexandre

Bjorn Guil Amelen and Bill T. Jones

American Academy of Arts and Letters

The American College

The Annenberg Foundation

The Aperture Foundation


Kenneth D. Arfman

Arnett Collection of the Tinwood Alliance

Robert D. Aronson

Artecnica, Inc.

Jill and Paul Aschkenasy

Atlanta Korean-American Culture and Arts Center

Edward and Gwen Asplundh

Robin Austin and Gary Wescott

Authentics GmbH

Denise Avayou

Eric Avery

Badgley Mischka

B&B Italia

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Baekeland

Eileen M. Baird

Fred Baker

Thomas and Joanne Balshi

Peter D. Barberie

Bard Graduate Center

Ms. Nancy Barness

Will Barnet Foundation

Jill Baroff

David L. Barquist

Henry Drayton Barratt, Jr.

Felicity Anne Barringer Taubman

Susan Barron

Barry Friedman, Ltd.

Carlos Basualdo and Monica Amor

Nancy Wolfner Bauer

Frank S. Bayley

Cynthia Bean

Kate Ganz and Daniel Belin

Sara and Marc Benda

Nanette Roche and John Bender

Susan Beningson

Henry Benning Spencer and Nicky Cass

Marguerite S. Benoliel

Peter A. Benoliel

Lisa Berg

Lawrence H. and Julie C. Berger

Mr. Edwin Bergman

Nancy and David Bergman

Nancy M. Berman and Alan Bloch

Earl L. Bernstine

Max N. Berry

Helen and Jack Bershad

William C. Bertolet

Charlotte C. Betancourt

Coizie Ferguson Bettinger

George Beylerian

Chhote Bharany

Mr. Cristiano Bianchin

Anthony J. Drexel Biddle III

Cordelia Frances Biddle

Bill Blass Ltd.

John Binswanger

Bisazza S.p.A

Pamela Bisbee Simonds

Patricia Bisbee Sweet

Daniel Blain, Jr.

Lynne Bloom

Sandra Blumberg

Lois Boardman

Varujan Boghosian

Rachel Bok-Goldman

Harold S. Goldman and John A. Bonavita

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Booth, Jr.

Supratik Bose and Mary K. Eliot

Bowman Properties

Ann Hart

Michael J. Bradley

Thelma Finster Bradshaw

Dr. Luther W. Brady, Jr.*

Andrea Brandow

Brandywine Workshop

Robert W. Brano

Ryan Brant

W. Scott Braznell

Donald S. Brecher

Dr. Benjamin Bregman

Fleur Bresler

Linda Brenner

Lois G. and Julian A. Brodsky

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bronfman

Brooklyn Museum

Curtis E. Brown

Emily and Will Brown

Gail M. Brown

Lucinda Brown

Stephen B. Browne

Thom Browne

Ann Blair and David B. Brownlee

Samantha Bruce-Benjamin

Robert and Julie J. Bryan

Alexander Knapp Buck, Jr.

Norman Harrison Buck

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Buck

Mr. and Mrs. Andre M. Buckles

Kathleen Buffum McCoy

Bill and Sheryl Bullitt

Russell Thayer Bullitt and Judith R. Bullitt

Burberry Prorsum

Gail V. Burcham

Mary Livingston Griggs and Mary Griggs Burke Foundation

Alfred L. Bush

Max Buten

Anne Byme Kronenfeld

Anthony A. and Nina R. Caimi

Mr. and Mrs. Eugenio Calabi

Gary* and Janet Calderwood

John Cale

Thomas P. Callan and Martin McNamara

Clara Callahan and Peter Goodman

Laura L. Camerlengo

Kathleen Campbell

Patricia H. Campbell


Candy Coated

Mme. Yolande Candel

Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation

Jay E. Cantor

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Caplan

Cappellini S.p.A.

William B. Carey

Pamela J. Carnot

Elise Wallace Carr

Rachel Carren

Mickey Cartin

Barbara Bertozzi Castelli

Paul Cava

CDS Gallery

The Center for Art in Wood

Center for Contemporary Printmaking

C. G. Boerner, LLC.

ChampionScott Partners

Katherine S. Chapin

Barbara Chase-Riboud

Dr. Joseph A. Chazan

Emmie Chen and Gregory Paone

Scott* and Nelly Childress

Mrs. Richard L. Chilton, Jr.

Vincent Cianni

Ralph Citino and Lawrence Taylor

Charles Teaze Clark

Carl Clauss

Dr. Constance E. Clayton

Kathryn Clayton

Jeffrey Cline

Kenneth Cobonpue

Arthur M. Cohen

Fern and Hersh Cohen

Lois and Sidney Cohen

Mark Cohen

Eileen and Michael Cohen

Peter J. Cohen

Dr. and Mrs. Herbert E. Cohn

Collab: The Group for Modern and Contemporary Design

Mr. and Mrs. Tristram C. Colket, Jr.

Conde House

Michael and Constance Cone

Martha Connell

Connelly Foundation

Janis Conner

Rebecca S. Conrad

Camille and Alex Cook

Peggy Cooke

Barbara Cooper

Donna Corbin

Edward Spector and Sharon K. Corbin

Flora Cornfield

The Eldzier Cortor Trust

Bruce Young and Richard Cote

Sarah M. Coulson

Charles Cowles

Colonial Dames of America, Chapter II

The Craft Show Committee of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Alan Crawford III

Barbara Crawford Feimster

Elizabeth Crawford Hucker

James D. Crawford and Judith N. Dean

Susan Crawford Stevens

Joyce Creamer

Jacqueline and Charles Crist

James Culbert

Dr. Diana R. Cundell

Rena and Charles K. Cuno, Jr.

Bob Curley

Julie P. Curson

Cy Twombly Foundation

Lawrence D'Antonio

Julie Schafler Dale

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Daley

Kate Hall Dannenbaum

Arthur Dantchik

Barbara A. Darlin

Claire S. Davidson

Lisa Corinne Davis

Richard T. and Eileen Davis

Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros

Dedalus Foundation, Inc

Design House Stockholm

Maude de Schauensee

Susan DeJarnatt and Peter Schneider

Dr. Dorothy J. del Bueno

Edith Denenberg

Robert B. DePrez Collection

Jeffery Lloyd Dever

Bouke de Vries

Kris Dey

Annabelle d'Huart

Don Didier

Cordelia Biddle Dietrich, H. Richard Dietrich III, and Christian Braun Dietrich

Mrs. Willem K. Dikland

Mr. Jim Dine

Mrs. F. Eugene Dixon, Jr.

Marcia Docter

Florinda Donato Doelp

Margaret Chew Dolan

Adele Donati

Amy and Tony D’Orazio

David M. Doret

Leslie Dotson

Roberta L. Dougherty

Phoebe Driscoll

Dolph Druckman

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. W. Drutt

Marlene Bronstein Dubin

Mrs. Barbara Duthuit

Paula Eachus

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Morris Earle

Eckenhoff Family

Drs. L. Henry and Martha Mel Edmunds

Mrs. Sylvia L. Egnal

Colin Eisler

Betty Rugh Elder

Emeco Corporation

Helen W. Drutt English and H. Peter Stern*

Paula H. Epstein

Mrs. Georgiana Erskine

Escali Corporation

Ruben Eshkanian


Rosa Esquenazi


Mrs. Margaret H. Ewing

Fabric Workshop and Museum

Kathleen and Marvin Factor

Nöelle Fahlen

Evelyn D. Farland

Ms. Carolyn Faucett-Knox

Mimi Favre

Marcia Fazzari/p>

Richard L. Feigen and Isabelle Harnoncourt-Feigen

Peter A. Feld

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart P. Feld

Elizabeth Feld Herzberg

Samuel S. Fels Fund

Elizabeth Barringer Fentress

Edith Ferber

Alan and Lois Fern

Kathy and Ted Fernberger

Fidelity Mutual Life Distributing Trust

Jaimie and David Field

Lorraine and Arthur Filderman

FineArt Associates

Adele Fine

Ruth Fine

Mr. Peter Finer

Elaine and Mel Finkelstein

Carolyn Fisher

Betty J. Fiske

Adele F. Fleisher

Julia and David Fleischner


Fondazione Baruchello

Sheila and Ian Forbes

John and Berthe Ford

The Forman Family Foundation


Kathleen A. Foster

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Fox

Sam Francis Foundation

David Tausig Frank and Kazukuni Sugiyama

David W. and Barbara G. Fraser

Ms. Deborah W. Frazer

The Free Library of Philadelphia

James L. Freeman

Sally Freud

Annette Y. Friedland

Gary D. and Kristin W. Friedman

Edward and Karen S. W. Friedman

Friedman Benda

Friends of the Alfred Steiglitz Center

Rachel Frishberg Press

Glenn and Amanda Fuhrman

Dr. & Mrs. Arthur F. Furman

Mrs. Beatrice Furr

Bob Fynbo

Estelle Galeano

Galerie Lelong

Lynne Galler

Gallery 339

James A. Ganz

Valentino Garavani

Ofelia Garcia

Beatrice B. Garvan

Drs. Umesh and Sunanda Gaur

Laura Gealt

Gail Geibel

Georg Jensen

George Jacobs Self-taught Art

Deena Sara Gerson

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Gerstein

Ramona Gibbs

Barbara and Vincent Giffuni

Melanie Gill

Martin Giroud

Gitter-Yelen Foundation

Glas Italia

Henry J. Glaser

Richard Gluckman

The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Goldyne

Nancy Gonzalez

Frank and Betsy Goodyear

Dr. Janice T. Gordon

Virginia B. Gordon

Betty Gottlieb

Claudia Gould

Edith and Emmet Gowin

David Graham

Carole Haas Gravagno

Howard Greenberg

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Greenberg

Mr. James Greene

Margo Coffin Groff


Cai Guo-Qiang

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck R. Gupta

David Haas

David W. Haas

Frederick R. Haas

Titi Halle

Ted Hallman

June Stearns Hallowell*

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Hamilton II

Mrs. S. Matthews V. Hamilton, Jr.

Dr. Benjamin F. Hammond

Dr. Steven D. Handler and Cynthia B. Solot

Joseph and Sherry Hanley

David A. Hanks

Dr. Hie-Won Yvonne L. Hann

John J. Hannan

David Hansell

Linda Hansell

Helen Hanson

Conley Harris

Melissa Harris

Harry Allen & Associates

Mr. Thomas Hatton and Ms. Marcia Kocot

Kristina Haugland

Rose G. Hausman


Conley H. Heaberlin, Jr.

Kelly Baldwin Heid

Karen Heller

Hannah L. Henderson

Barbara B. Henkels

Mr. and Mrs. Reinaldo Herrera

Donald and Darby Hewes

Pat Hickman

Dr. Margaret Hiesinger

Dr. Ulrich and Dr. Kathryn Hiesinger

Dr. William Hiesinger

Pamela M. and James H. Hill

Lorraine W. Hilleman

Jane Goldstone Hilles

Catherine A. Hineline

Eric Hinkley

Tomoyo Hiraiwa

Historic Strawberry Mansion

Linnard R. Hobler

Eric L. Hofer

Louise Sinkler Hoffman

Hokes Archives

Judith Hollander

Cynthia B. Holstad

Hollie and Jamie Holt

Ann Holyoke Lehmann

Jean and Lon Homeier

Antonio Homem

Walter Hopps and Caroline Huber

Henry Horenstein

Abigail Hourwich

Barbara Houze

Jirair S. and Elizabeth Hovnanian Family Foundation Fund

Nancy and Stephen Hovnanian

Coy Howard

James J. Howley

Mr. Paul Hubbard

Roberta P. and Richard L. Huber

Mrs. Fred L. Hudson III

Bronwen Hughes Ferguson

Nancy M. Hughes

Philippa Hughes Campbell

Nancy and Wayne Hunnicutt

Pemberton Hutchinson

Tetsugo Hyakutake

Ilias Lalaounis Jewelry Museum

Ippodo Gallery

Charles T. Isaacs and Carol A. Nigro

John W. Ittmann

J.J. Lally & Co., Oriental Art

Sarah Jackson

Marc Jacobs

Rosalind Gersten Jacobs

Zelda and Josef Jaffe Family

Jaga, N.V.

Carroll Janis

Geraldine and Edward Jawer

Young Kyo Jeong

Jeanette Artway Jimenez

Cynthia L. Johnson

George E. Johnson, Jr., and Melissa S. Meighan

Ingrid Johnson

Mrs. Henry A. Jordan

Joe J. and Sarah C. Jordan

Helen M. Justi

Chris Kabel

William M. and Elizabeth Kahane

Frederick Kahler

Amanda Kaiserman

Jane Kallir

Mr. and Mrs. Adam M. Kamens

Stuart Kamens

Kang Collection

Paul K. Kania

Anne Kaplan

Donna Karan

Mrs. Janet Kardon

Karen Lennox Gallery

Nancy Green Karlins and Mark Thoman

Kast van een Huis

Alexander Katlan

Bruce and Joane Katsiff

Timothy Katsiff

Alex Katz Foundation

Mr. Gerald A. Kaufman and Mr. Stephen M. Grinspan

Linda H. Kaufman

Kaws Inc.

KDDI Corporation, Tokyo

Leroy E. Kean

John C. and Ana Maria Keene

Dale and Patricia Keller

Wyn Kelley

Linda and George Kelly

Kenny Schachter/ROVE Projects LLP

Kéré Architecture

Roger Keyes

Nam Kim

The Rev. Dr. Leslie A. King

Kyoko Kinoshita

Alexandra Kirtley

Mrs. Sallie Smith Kise

Calvin Klein

Klondike Resources

Norma and Leonard Klorfine

Lewis Knauss

Bruce and Nancy Kneeland

Robert Knisel

Knoll Inc.

William Knospe

Frederick R. Koch

Derek Koenig

Kohler Foundation, Inc.

Ms. Barbara Kohler

Mr. and Mrs. Berton E. Korman

Jane* and Leonard Korman

Michael Kors

The Family of Markku Kosonen

Werner Kramarsky*

Jill and Peter Kraus

Jeffrey Krauss

Romain Kremer

Mary Louise Krumrine

Laura Kuhn

Ms. Sally J. Kuhn

Kunsthandlung Helmut H. Rumbler


Lacoste Footwear

Ruth and Peter Laibson

Don Lambert and Diann Spencer

Mary Ann Lambert

Carolyn Payne Langfitt

Margaret and David Langfitt

Lannan Foundation, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Harriet and Ronald Lassin

Ralph Lauren

Bette Ann Davis Lawrence

Carol Clark Lawrence

David Lebe

Mrs. Joan F. Ledoux

Mrs. B. Herbert Lee

Dr. Bong S. Lee and Dr. Mi-Wha Lee*

Lee Gallery

Nancy Lehmann Gray

Stephan and JoAnn Leimberg

Julia Leisenring

Judy and Peter Leone

Mark Beatson Letzer

Martee Levi

Mark and Elizabeth Levine

Levitties Family

Kalle Levon

Jay and Emma Lewis

Maxine de S. Lewis

Robert Alan Lewis*

June and Simon K.C. Li

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Linck

Martha G. Little

Ellen Lloyd

Sueyun and Gene Locks

John J. Lombard, Jr.

Sergio Lombardo

David B. Long

Mr. Roger Lopata

Jeffrey Loria

Virginia Nemir Lukefahr

Linda Luria

Thomas H. Lurie

Norma Gene Lykes

Jacquelyn Grande Maccarone

Susan and Peter MacGill

Camilla MacKay

Linda MacNeil

Peter R. MacPhail

Wendy MacPhail-Brigham

Grace L. Madeira

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Magid


Robert Mahon and Carol Joyce

Lilyan Maitin

Noritaka and Makiko Maki

Dr. Paul Todd Makler

Manish Malhotra

Wendy Malinow

Peter L. Malkin

Andrew Mangravite

Marc Newson Ltd.

George and Nancy Marcus

Margarete Roeder Gallery


Mary Ellen Mark

Megan Staffel and Graham Marks

Lee Marks and John C. DePrez, Jr.

Earl Martin

Sandra Martinez de Van Ness and John R. Van Ness

Mrs. Robert A. Martinson

Frank A. Elliott, Josiah Marvel, and Jonathan Marvel

Judith C. Marvin

Alan Marwine

Janet Marwine

Maeda Masahiro

G. Daniel Massad

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Mather III

Studio Fabio Mauri

Maxi D

Maximal Art Inc.

Stewart Shillito Maxwell

Richard May

Timothy David Mayhew

Pat McCauley

Bonnie and Peter McCausland

Stefana McClure

Lisa D. Kabnick and John H. McFadden

Nancy Pyle McGee

Robert and Carolyn McGrory

Henry S. McNeil

Jean Plante McNelis

Veronica T. McNiff

Ann and Donald W. McPhail

Mr. and Mrs. James H. McQuade

Alan and Ellen Meckler

John J. Medveckis

Robert Mehlman

Joyce S. Mehring, Ph.D.

Susan Meiselas

Melissa Shoes

D. W. Mellor

Robert Melvin

Richard and Ronay Menschel

Daniel Merians

Sarah Merians

Bruce Metcalf

Cecilia Metheny

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Susan and James Meyer

Margy Meyerson

Ms. Ellen Michelson

R. Michelson Galleries

Hal Miller

Marion F. B. Miller

Monsignor John Miller

R. Craig Miller

Steven and Jane Miller

Joe Mills

Sondra Milne-Henderson


Theodore and Ruth Mirvis

Joan B. Mirviss

Ottavio and Rosita Missoni

Linda G. Mitchell

The Leo Model Foundation

Andrea Modica

Modernmini, LLC

Abelardo Morell

Mitchell L. and Hilarie L. Morgan

Moroso SpA

Martha Hamilton Morris and I. Wistar Morris III

Sam and Carolyn Morris

Mr. Ben Frank Moss

Mr. Marc S. Mostovoy and Ms. Mi – Young Park

Eleanor Moty

Anna Jane Moyer

Agnes M. Mulroney

Óscar Muñoz

Frederic and Priscilla Murphy

Dr. and Mrs. J. Brien Murphy

Hyman and Sandra Kittner Myers

Stanley F. and Margaret W. Myers

Dr. David R. Nalin

Dr. Richard R. Nalin

Holly Rogers Nardi

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Virginia Norton Naudé

Francis M. Naumann

Dr. and Mrs. Hartley S. Neel

Donald Neiman

Anna Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. John J.* Nesbitt III

Bea Nettles

Helen Cunningham

Charles W. Nichols

Gary Niederkorn

Nihon Logipack Co., Ltd.

Nike, Inc.


Isamu Noguchi Foundation

Sébastien and Pierre Nordenson

Elizabeth Donner Norment

Tom Norton

Novel Energy Ltd


Mr. and Mrs. John A. Nyheim

Jane C. Nylander

Joy Oakey

Anne O’Donnell

OFFI & Company

The Georgia O’Keeffe Foundation

Lars Holman and Cynthia Long Okeson

Ann Ollman

John Ollman

Mr. and Mrs. C. Warren Ormerod

Edward J. Osowski

Daryl R. Otte

Josh Owen

Charles H. Page

Mrs. Reese Palley

Peter Paone


Zoë S. Pappas

Harold and Mildred Parker

Franklin Parrasch

Philippe Parreno

Margaret Sessions Paschal

Katie Paterson

PCM Design

Suzanne Penn

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Pentax Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation

Marsha and Jeffrey Perelman

Ronald O. Perelman

Daniel Peris

Perkins Center for the Arts

Stephen Perloff

Jonathan L. Peterson

Charlotte DeMonte Phelps

Philadelphia Museum of Art Weekday Guides

The Photo Review

Margery Pignatelli

Ms. Howardena D. Pindell

Courtnay Pitt, Jr.

William B. Pitt

PKG Foundation

P'Kolino, LLC

J.R. Plummer

Anthony P. Podesta

Barbara A. Podell and Mark G. Singer

Bruce and Donna Polichar

Roberto Polo

Pologeorgis Furs

Kerstin Porter

Marc B. Porter

Zac Posen

Evelyn Pousette-Dart

Mrs. Rachel Frishberg Press

Jeanne and Richard S. Press

Elizabeth Price

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Price, Jr.

The Print Center

Hope Proper

James Prosek

Pucker Gallery

Sue and Bernie Pucker



James J. Purtill

Mary Tobias Putman

Qantas Airways Limited

Carla Barringer Rabinowitz

Ajay Raju

Robert L. Raley

John and Alice Randolph

William Rapp

Peter and Alanna Rathbone

Jan Rattia

Susan D. Ravenscroft

Susanne Strassburger Anderson and Valerie Anderson Readman

Dina Recanati

Eliza Reed

The Reeves Center at Washington and Lee University

Otto Reichert-Facilides

Ruth Shaw Reinhardt

Ruth Reiter

Sara Reiter

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart A. Resnick

Zandra Rhodes

Elizabeth M. Rice

William Craig Rice

Robert L. Rich

Richard Schultz Design, Inc.

Linda Richardson

Katherine D. Rines

Joseph J. Rishel

John A. Robbins II

The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation

Allen B. Roberts and Heidrun Engler

Ed Roberts

Janet M. Roberts

Lisa S. Roberts

Roche Bobois

Heidi Rodale

Barbara Johnston Rodgers

Mr. Franklyn L. Rodgers

Osvaldo Romberg

Ann Dee Rome

Eileen Rosenau

Naomi Rosenblum

Stewart G. Rosenblum

Joel Rosenkranz

Rosenthal, AB

Lynn Rosenthal

Mark and Laura Rosenthal

Sir Norman L. Rosenthal

Judith J. Ross

Lyn M. Ross

Donald Rothfeld

Marsha and Richard* Rothman

Andrew M. Rouse

Royal VKB

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Rub

Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Rubenstein

Ralph Rucci

Rosina Rucci

Ron Rumford

Matthew Rutenberg

Marianna Sackler

Richard Saja

Alice Saligman

Brian M. Salzberg

Sam Francis Foundation

Neil Sandvold

Lynne Santy Tanner

Lauren Sara

Hoshino Satoru

Mr. and Mrs. Rajiv Savara

Georgianna Stamatelos Savas

Julia Sawabini and Jeanne Stanley

Stuart Sawabini

Naomi Sawelson-Gorse

Scandinavian Surface

Ella B. Schaap

Ingrid Schaffner

Ida F. S. Schmertz

Marian Schoettle

Karen H. Schulze


Christopher and Hannelore Schwabacher

Barbara Schwartz

David A. Schwartz

Dr. and Ms. Elias Schwartz

Mark Schwartz and Bettina Katz

Susan and William Schwartz

Stephen Schwarzman

Dr. Peter V. Scoles

Mrs. Gay E. Scott

Sean Scully

Eric Seiler and Darcy Bradbury

Margit Seland

Donald V. Selkow and Lynne Clibanoff

Joe Seltzer

Elizabeth A. Sesso

Darrel Sewell

Arianne Shamask

Ronaldus Shamask

Alan Shapiro

Mrs. Susan K. and Mr. Bruce H. Shapiro

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Shanis

Mari and Peter Shaw

Jack Shear

Steven Shelly

Joan Shepp

Kimberly Ann S. Sheronas

Taeko Shervin

Shin Young-ok and Choi Seung-won

Mrs. Elizabeth F. Shipley

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Shipley III

Innis Howe Shoemaker

Joan K. Short

Showroom Finland

Ami Shroff

Ms. Elle Shushan

Sicardi Gallery

Christina Sidey

Dr. Marion J. Siegman

Nancy and Stanley Singer

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Silberstein

Howard Silver

Mr. Francesco Simeti

Larry A. Simms

Scot Simon

Iris and Adam Singer


Aaron Siskind Foundation

Debra Sitner

Eileen S. Sklaroff

Leif Skoogfors and Joyce Sander

Odyssia Skouras

Skrekkøgle AS

Slamp S.p.A.

Keith Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Stanton N. Smullens

Martha McGeary Snider

Michael Snow

Richard Wood Snowden

Mary and Dan Solomon

Carol and Charles Soltis

Peter Som

Sophy Curson Inc.

Stephen J. and Sandra L. Sotnick

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Spain

Virginia A. Speights

Andrew Spence

Sadie Spencer

Allen Staley

Mr. and Mrs. Harold P. Starr

Mr. James B. and Ms. Nancy Steele

Dr. Robert Stefanotti

Judith E. Stein

Pearl Steinberg

Marilyn L. Steinbright

Leon Steinmetz

Ranjana Steinruecke

Carol Scasserra Stewart

Michael A. Stocker

Marion M. Stokes

Sarah Stolfa

Mr. Garry Stone and Ms. Sara Jane Withers

Storey Family

Susan L. Stowens

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Straub

Zoe Strauss

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Straw

Carl Brandon Strehlke

Luisa Malzoni Strina

Marion Boulton “Kippy” Stroud Foundation

Donna C. and Morris W. Stroud II

Mrs. Ann Percy Stroud

Marie Stuart

Reiko Sudo

Susan Devine Camilli Foundation

Frank J. Szarko

Page Talbott

Elsa Tanenbaum

Judith Tannenbaum

Roberta K. Tarbell and Karl F. Miller

Mary Tatnall

Dr. Gilbert Tausch and Mrs. Kathy Tausch

Robert M. Taylor

Amy Tecosky-Feldman

Dr. Ann Temkin

Edward P. TenBroeck

The Women’s Committee of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Neil Thall

Donald Michael Thieme

Mary Stevenson Thieme and Donald Michael Thieme

Ruth Thorne-Thomsen

The Tiffany & Co. Foundation

Seth Tillett

Laura Timosaari

Eileen Tognini

Bruce and Robbi Toll

Vicente Lim and Robert W. Tooey

Faye Toogood

Linda Noble Topf

Tomoko Torii

Thomas and Anne Toscani

David R. Towle

Daniel Traub

Sonia C. Triester

Alan Tripp

Christine Trostle

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Trump

Dr. and Mrs. Evan H. Turner

Undergrowth Design UK Ltd.

University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology

Dr. Salvatore M. Valenti

Anna van der Lei

Sarah Van Keuren

Claude Viallat

Vitra GmbH

Vlisco Netherlands BV

Emanuel von Baeyer

Diane von Furstenberg

Marty Von Rosentiel and Elliot Borgman

Jones Wajahat Family

Mrs. Margaret Moore Walker

Marcel Wanders

Carol E. Ware

Ruth and David Waterbury

Frank M. Theis and John Paul Weir

Mildred L. Weisberg

Ellen and Leon Weiss

Lori Weitzner

Esther and Joe Welden

Anthony M. Wells

Lenore Weseley

Terry Royal West

Dr. Theodora West

Barbara Westman

John P. Whitecar

John N. Whitenight and Frederick LaValley

Donald C. Whitton

Melanie Wiggins

Bernhard Willhelm

The William Penn Foundation

Auldlyn Higgins Williams and E.T. Williams, Jr.

C. K. Williams

Dr. Sankey V. Williams and Constance H. Williams

Stephen Guion Williams

Beverly A. Wilson

William S. Wilson

John Wind

Windgate Charitable Foundation

Margo Winkler

Stephan Winokur

Elise Winters

Witte Memorial Museum

Barbara Wolanin

Cynthia M. Wolcott

Ms. Ellie Wolf

Dr. William Wolgin

Graydon Wood

Mr. Theodore V. Wood Jr.

Mrs. Charles Wrightsman

Martina Schaap Yamin and Michael Yamin

David and Constance Yates

Young Friends of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Mr. William Young

The Judith Young-Mallin Archive

Eric Zafran

Isaiah Zagar

Spencer Zahn

Cordelia Zanger

Alan Zeltserman

Mr. Eric Zetterquist

Taras Zhyhaylo

Michael Zinman

Hope Zoss

Those whose generosity surpasses $1 million are named Benefactor Members of the Anne d’Harnoncourt Society. Every attempt was made to produce a complete and accurate listing of donors from 2000 to the present. For more information or to update our records, please contact the Development office at 215-684-7750 or

For more information, please contact Development by phone at 215-684-7750 or by e-mail at .