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Two Triangles (Point on Point)

Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Swiss, 1889 - 1943
Sophie Taeuber-Arp defies categorization, for she was a versatile artist who cut across artistic disciplines. In her early days she was a modern dancer and stage designer, a weaver and professor of textile design, and a decorative painter. Experimentation with geometric abstract forms was the common denominator in her design work. At the end of the 1920s, she turned her energies more fully to oil painting, and worked and exhibited among artists who were similarly committed to creating abstract art of deliberate simplicity, rhythm, and equilibrium. Two Triangles (Point on Point) perfectly exemplifies that career turning point. A thin black line bisects the white plane of the composition at its midpoint. Two right triangles in the primary colors of blue and red meet at their narrowest points on the center of that line. A second black line runs along the triangles’ longest sides, crossing the entire composition on the diagonal....

Object Details
Gift to PMA as part of the A. E. Gallatin Collection, by Jean (Hans) Arp, husband of the artist, 1949 [1]; bequest to PMA, 1952.1. See Gail Stavitsky, The Development, Institutionalization, and Impact of the A. E. Gallatin Collection of Modern Art [Ph. D. dissertation, New York University], 1990, v. 9, p. 278, citing Arp's letter of April 6 and August 28, 1948 to Gallatin, and Gallatin's letter of May 24, 1949 to Fiske Kimball, director of the PMA.

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