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Horse, Pipe, and Red Flower

Joan Miró, Spanish, 1893 - 1983
Miró painted this work at his home in the Spanish village of Montroig shortly after his first visit to Paris. The complex configuration of forms adopts a Cubist collage technique inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso, whom he had met on this trip. The book on the table, Le Coq et l'arlequin (The Rooster and the Harlequin) by Jean Cocteau, featuring illustrations by Picasso, advertises this new friendship....

Object Details
From the artist to Galeries Dalmau, Barcelona, by October 1920; with Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York, by January 1939; exchanged for another Miró with Peter and C. Earle Miller (Mr. and Mrs. C. Earle Miller), Downington, PA, 1944 [1]; gift to PMA, 1986.1. For the dates see the exhibition catalogs "Pierre Matisse and His Artists," Pierpont Morgan Library, 2002, no. 3, p. 32, and "Joan Miró", Museum of Modern Art, 1993, no. 18, p. 369-370.

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