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Saint Nicholas of Tolentino Saving a Shipwreck

Giovanni di Paolo (Giovanni di Paolo di Grazia), Italian (active Siena), first documented 1417, died 1482

Object Details
Probably church of Sant’Agostino, Montepulciano, until about 1862. Antonio Palmieri-Nuti, Siena, by 1904 [1]. With Godefroy Brauer. With A. S. Drey; sold to John G. Johnson (1841–1917), Philadelphia, 1914 [2]; bequest to the City of Philadelphia, 1917.1. Probably by inheritance from his father, Giuseppe (1843–1893), who had been the head of the Istituto di Belle Arti. On him, see Archivio Biografico del Movimento Operaio, s.v. “Palmieri-Nuti, Giuseppe,” accessed November 21, 2015.2. “A .S. Drey to Johnson Munich, Feb. 17, 1914,” according to a handwritten note on an undated page in the curatorial file for inv. 723 (Philadelphia Museum of Art, Department of European Painting and Sculpture). The price was 2,000 German marks. Wilhelm R. Valentiner seems to have recommended the purchase; see Valentiner to Johnson, n.d. [c. 1914], Correspondence, John G. Johnson Papers, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Library and Archives,
PDF includes looking questions, history, style and introductory color theory information.

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