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Chocolate Grinder (No. 2)

Marcel Duchamp, American (born France), 1887 - 1968
After a chance encounter with a chocolate grinder displayed in a confectioner’s window in the French city of Rouen in 1913, Duchamp made the machine the subject of two paintings, adopting a representational style that recalls the precision of an engineering diagram. His rendering flattens the image and conflates the artist’s hand with mechanical reproduction....

Object Details
Louise Arensberg (1879-1953) and Walter C. Arensberg (1878-1954), Los Angeles, by c. 1918 [1].1. Visible in a photo of the Arensbergs' New York apartment taken by Charles Sheeler c. 1918. The Arensbergs moved from New York to Los Angeles in 1921.

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